Wisconsin middle school teacher arrested for threatening students

Grafton, Wisconsin (WFRV) – A Wisconsin middle school teacher has been charged with intimidating a student after finding a swastika in her classroom.

according to To Grafton Police StationOn May 12, a teacher was summoned to John Long Middle School for making inappropriate and “disturbing” comments to a class.

The teacher, David Schroeder, 46, has been charged with making a terrorist threat, according to online court records.

Schroeder, who is Jewish, said in a statement that he was “furious to find notebooks with student artwork and swastikas in the classroom,” according to a Grafton police report.

He reportedly admitted to telling his classmates to “send my daughter to their house with a baseball bat” and “burn them to the ground.” Schroeder also reportedly admitted that he wanted to cause pain to his students and their families.

Authorities added that a student texted his mother from the class about Mr. Schroeder’s remarks, telling the class that Mr. Schroeder owned 17 guns. Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Lindsay said it was the parent, not the school, who ultimately called police. Wisun.

Grafton School Superintendent Jeff Nelson said in a statement Friday that Schroeder was “immediately placed on administrative leave and escorted from the building” after school administrators became aware of the issue.

Schroeder turned himself in and was arrested Friday after being contacted by police. He was released on Tuesday after posting a $10,000 cash bail and was ordered to turn over his dangerous weapon to the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office, according to WISN.

After Mr. Schroeder’s arrest, Grafton police and county and state officials increased their deployment around village schools “in response to the concerns of faculty, students and parents.”

School officials also told authorities that Schroeder was already under investigation for “other concerning or inappropriate behavior toward students,” according to a WISN report. His contract was also not scheduled to be renewed.

Court records show Mr. Schroeder is due to appear in a preliminary hearing in June. Wisconsin middle school teacher arrested for threatening students

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