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GPS Glitches in Warzones Are ‘Manageable,’ Says Electronics Official

The ongoing conflicts in Israel have inevitably impacted GPS systems in Cyprus, though the situation remains “manageable,” according to Andronikos Kakkouras, a senior officer of electronic communications at the Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation. In a recent interview with the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), Kakkouras explained that the GPS glitches experienced in Cyprus are primarily due to interference stemming from electronic warfare tactics employed in the conflict zones.

Electronic warfare involves sending interference signals that disrupt GPS frequency systems. Due to Cyprus’ geographical proximity to Israel and the surrounding conflict areas, these disruptions extend to any radio systems reliant on GPS signals. “We have interference in mobile telephony, land digital television, and other systems using GPS, such as drone applications,” Kakkouras elaborated. He mentioned that there have been instances where drone operators lost control of their drones because of GPS signal issues, leading to lost equipment.

Kakkouras clarified that the interference is not a constant issue but occurs intermittently. “It appears periodically and disappears, but reappears at unspecified times,” he said. This irregularity adds an element of unpredictability to the problem, making it challenging to anticipate and mitigate effectively.

Unfortunately, there are no straightforward countermeasures, such as installing alternative systems, that can be implemented to prevent these GPS disruptions. Despite the difficulties, Kakkouras assured that the situation is currently under control. “So far, the problem is manageable,” he stated, indicating that while the interference presents a significant challenge, it has not reached a level that severely disrupts operations reliant on GPS.

The ongoing management of these GPS glitches underscores the resilience and adaptability of Cyprus’ electronic communication systems amidst regional conflicts. It also highlights the broader implications of electronic warfare tactics on civilian infrastructure, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and potential innovation in mitigating such disruptions in the future.

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