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Willie Nelson’s birthday was yesterday, and it’s the same today.this is the reason

Austin (Kanzan) — If you missed Willie Nelson’s birthday yesterday, don’t worry. he has another one today.

One of country music’s most respected and prolific artists, Nelson is currently celebrating his 90th birthday with an all-star concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. At this concert, George He’s Straight, Roseanne He’s Cash, Chris and other artists share the bill. It features dozens of acts including Stapleton, The Chicks and Sheryl Crow.

Fittingly, the concert was billed as a two-day event — just like Nelson’s own birthday.

Born in the small town of Abbott, Texas, just north of Waco, Nelson was born on April 29, 1933.

why?As Nelson once said SiriusXM Radio Program In 2018, that was because he was born quite late at night, apparently too late for the county clerk to record his birth.

“I was born before midnight on the 29th, but I wasn’t registered in county court until the next day, the 30th.” So it officially came out as the 30th. is.

Nelson, who has been in his recording career for over 60 years, released his latest album, I Don’t Know A Thing About Love: The Songs of Harlan Howard, in March.he also this year’s rock and roll hall of famethe official entrants for the 2023 class will be announced in May.

https://www.mystateline.com/news/willie-nelsons-birthday-was-yesterday-but-its-also-today-heres-why/ Willie Nelson’s birthday was yesterday, and it’s the same today.this is the reason

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