Why are fireworks illegal in Illinois?

Rockford, Illinois (WTVO) — Illinois bans the use of fireworks for commercial purposes, but plan to drive to Wisconsin or Indiana to prepare for the big Fourth of July fireworks show. You may know someone who has.

Illinois is one of only three states Some or all types of consumer fireworks are not allowed, but that doesn’t stop thousands from driving across state lines to bring home fireworks.

So why are fireworks illegal in Illinois?

Most fireworks are banned in Illinois, according to the Illinois Policy Institute. 1942State Representative William G. Son [R-Chicago]drafted the Pyrotechnics Usage Act.

Since then, there have been numerous failed attempts to legalize the use of commercial fireworks.

The latest attempt to ease fireworks restrictions proposed this year has faced many critics.

Phil Zaleski, executive director of the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, said New York state voted to ease restrictions, but regretted the decision and sent a letter to the Illinois legislature warning of the consequences. central square.

“They made this mistake in 2016 too, causing injuries, veterans’ PTSD, and pets running away from home, so we should be aware of it,” Zaleski said.

Some politicians see legalizing commercial fireworks as a way for Illinois residents to make money they’re already spending elsewhere.

“I think it’s utter nonsense to give up here again money that could be made and spent in Illinois when the surrounding states are making money from Illinois,” said State Senator Chapin Rose. Stated. [R-Mahomet] Said central square.

Rose estimates that banning fireworks sales would cost the state at least $10 million in potential revenue.

But don’t expect fireworks to be legalized anytime soon, as fire protection groups across the state are tightening regulations. I oppose any law that legalizes fireworks.

“Fireworks are fun and I love them,” said Bloomington Fire Chief Brian Moll. “I think they’re interesting, but unfortunately they’re dangerous and require a higher level of experience before someone starts them.” Why are fireworks illegal in Illinois?

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