Who won the Queen of Hearts Raffle Jackpot in Waterloo, Illinois?

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A loud roar echoed through downtown Waterloo on Tuesday night when the Queen of Hearts was chosen for the nearly $1.9 million jackpot that had been building since March in the St. Peter and Paul Catholic School raffle.

Red Bud’s Sam Houston, 61, won the prize when the Queen of Hearts playing cards were pulled from a sealed poster board.

The jackpot has increased since March and stood at $1,886,536.

In 2017, the Waterloo Ordinance set a cap, so we had to cap it at $2 million. With the jackpot nearing the legal cap, raffle organizers said last week they would keep drawing her tickets until someone found the Queen of Hearts on Tuesday night.

“The Queen of Hearts!” said the announcer on Tuesday night after drawing a card.

School principal Lori Matzenbacher said the winner will be handed a check at the parish office this week.

Financial experts told News-Democrat that winners can expect to pay in total 41.95% in federal and state income tax Of the jackpots, 37% go to the federal government and 4.95% to the states. Winners can also expect 24% of federal taxes to be taken out immediately and the rest to be paid next year.

Players choose a trump card that is face down and sealed on the poster board.if you choose the queen of hearts, you win the jackpot. There were 14 of his cards on the poster board before Tuesday night’s draw.

Usually only one card is revealed each week and the game continues if no one chooses the Queen of Hearts.

Tickets are $1. However, as the jackpot crossed his $1 million threshold in December, new player registration was closed and only previously registered players can purchase tickets.

The Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School will receive 20% of ticket sales and the rest of the money will be donated to the Jackpot.

Players must be present to win the full jackpot, but they can win half the jackpot even if they are not. The other half of the jackpot is saved for new rounds of the game.

The school has not announced what it will do with its share of the money, but Matzenbacher said one possible project includes a new roof for the school’s gymnasium.

In the final drawing on January 24th, The jackpot was $1,574,218.

The draw was held at an outdoor booth next to the Outsiders Pub at 104 S. Market Street in downtown Waterloo.

Mike Koziatek joined the Belleville News-Democrat in 1998 as an assistant editor and is currently a reporter covering the Belleville area. He graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee and is a native of St. Louis. Who won the Queen of Hearts Raffle Jackpot in Waterloo, Illinois?

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