White Sox closers help Lymphoma Research Foundation in fighting cancer

NEW YORK – This wasn’t the team he ever wanted to be on, but that changed in January for the White Sox closer and his family.

When Liam Hendriks was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he faced cancer ahead of the start of his 13th Major League Baseball season. It’s already been two months since he started treatment, but the pitcher hasn’t participated in the Sox’s spring training at White in Arizona.

While he’s not on the field for that team, there’s Hendricks, his wife Christy, and another player the White Sox have helped out over the past few months. Lymphoma Research Foundation.

LRF CEO Meghan Gutierrez told WGN News Now about Liam and Christy Hendricks. “I think when a lot of people learn about him and his experience, they think about him on the field. It’s about how eager you are to give back.

“They wanted to think of ways to help others without delay, even though they were facing a diagnosis themselves.”

Together, they participated in a fundraiser for a New York City-based organization called “Close Out Cancer.” The t-shirts will sell for $31, with net proceeds going to the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

At Liam and Kristi’s request, the money will be used to help lymphoma patients who lack insurance or lack the resources to cover the many costs of treatment, according to the LRF. will be

Gutierrez says more than $50,000 has been raised from T-shirt sales, including many fans outside of Chicago.

Gutierrez, who works in the organization’s office, said: “It tickles me when I see Mets fans and Yankees fans here in New York telling me they bought a t-shirt and that they’re on Team Liam too. I got it,” he said. in New York City.

Meanwhile, the CEO is happy that his family, Hendricks, and the club he plays for on the Lymphoma Research Foundation side are moving forward.

“They and the entire White Sox organization have been incredible partners and truly want to help others and support our mission to eradicate lymphoma and serve those suffering from this disease. Their aspirations were incredibly genuine. “I’m glad to have met them. I regret the reason for this meeting, but it was an incredible partnership.”

“I was really touched by their desire to help.”

Larry Hawley details how Hendriks helped the Lymphoma Research Foundation in the video above. White Sox closers help Lymphoma Research Foundation in fighting cancer

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