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(NEXSTAR) — Ken Jennings. Brad Rutter. James Holzauer. They’re all record-breaking “Jeopardy!” There are champions, but they aren’t even close to earning the biggest potential dollar amount of “Jeopardy!” A contestant, in theory, he can win in one game.

However, it is unlikely that someone will come significantly closer. At least not based on the current structure of quiz show gameplay.

As it stands, it’s the largest payday ever awarded in a single game of Jeopardy! The prize money (non-tournament) is $131,127, a hefty sum won by James Holzhauser in April 2019. In fact, Holtzhauser holds his top 12 single-day earnings, all of which he earned in his 32-game streak in Spring 2019.according to Official Jeopardy! leaderboards.

Holzhauser was able to maximize his winnings by betting heavily on the Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy. But even for a seasoned player like him, in total he’ll need a tremendous amount of luck (and more than a little arrogance) to win the maximum theoretical prize of over $500,000. .

to earn that amount— $566,400 to be exact — Contestants must play a ‘perfect game’. This means responding to all clues correctly, betting the maximum amount available in the Daily Doubles, and risking it all in the final his Jeopardy. round.

But there are other variables that make the $566,400 prize almost impossible. This includes things that the competitor cannot control.

In addition to buzzing around with every correct response and betting everything on every possibility, players must (somehow) leave the Daily Doubles at the end of each round. These Daily Doubles had to be hidden under a minimum amount in order to give the contestant the potential to earn as much money as possible from other clues before they were found.

For example, in the first round, participants have the potential to win $17,800 from every clue on the board, and find the Daily Double under the final $200 clue. If contestants go for the ‘true’ daily double, the total prize pool after the first round could be $35,600.

Double Jeopardy! doubles the money and has two Daily Double clues, allowing contestants to add $35,200 to their score ($70,800 total). But only if his last two Daily Doubles were revealed under the round low ($400) clue.If so, and if the player bets everything during both daily doubles, that contestant could theoretically win $283,200 ($70,800)×2×2) Before Final Jeopardy! round.

All that’s left to do is bet all $283,200 on the last clue, give the correct answer, and get a payday of $566,400.

This scenario is astronomically unlikely, but even more unlikely given the quiz show’s production team had to voluntarily hide the clues of the Daily Double under a minimum dollar amount. (The locations of the Daily Doubles are set by the show’s writers, not randomized, a Sony Pictures Entertainment rep confirmed.) It also requires a superhuman ability to determine exactly which contains the Daily Double.

The set of “Jeopardy!” Pictured at the April 2010 Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament. (Photo credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Only one player remains in the Final Jeopardy during the “Perfect Game”. The rules of the show do not allow players with $0 or less to enter. This means that the remaining players will have to risk their guaranteed $283,200 for any chance of winning $566,400. It can also mean that the player loses everything and ends up with $0.

In the latter case, the competitor won’t be invited as a returning champion “Jeopardy!” Representative.

Therefore, the risk of playing very boldly could thwart any chance of a multi-day winning streak, and contestants could end up well over $566,400.

So, in theory, you could win $566,400 for a perfect Jeopardy! game. But when it comes to possibilities, it’s more likely that he’ll be chosen to replace Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik as the show’s host.

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