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What solutions you should check for your eCommerce brand

An e-Commerce website may not be able to tell if a visitor genuinely intends to purchase a product due to the information they enter during the registration process.

If you make a cash-on-delivery purchase with a fake phone number and address, you could incur massive revenue losses. This is why each prospective customer must undergo online identity verification.


Be on the lookout for suspicious activity. It may be that an unusually high volume of orders is being placed or the zip code does not correspond with a state or city. When customers sign up, send them an automated confirmation link to verify that they are real.

When customers pay with cash on delivery, do an automated call. Request a delivery address confirmation from the buyer.

Cybersecurity Issues

As a result of cyberattacks, your eCommerce website may be compromised by viruses, and, even worse, the data associated with your customers may also be compromised. Hackers may be able to access sensitive information, including credit card information.

One of the biggest issues facing eCommerce business owners is overcoming this nightmare scenario.


A standalone server dedicated to your eCommerce website is the best place for it. A server shared with several other websites is risky; if some of those sites get hacked, the malware files may spread to the entire server, which includes your store.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

No matter how big or small an eCommerce business is, shopping cart abandonment is one of its biggest problems.

It is estimated that 68% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts and that abandonment rates can reach 80% in some cases. However, what can be done to reduce abandonment rates?


You should redesign your shopping cart differently with the most effective online payment solutions. Be sure the process of filling out forms isn’t too long or tedious. Tough checkout processes lead to cart abandonment most often.

In order to prevent customers from abandoning the buying journey without purchasing, it is important to have a support agent that engages with them proactively during key stages of the journey.

Use mobile-optimized content. Online sales via mobile devices account for 70% of global sales. Having mobile sites that load quickly, have optimized images, and don’t show pop-ups reduces customer barriers to purchasing.

Maintaining customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is an extremely fickle thing, even with well-designed eCommerce websites featuring a large selection of products and smooth functionality.

It’s five times more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one when there is no customer loyalty. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95%.

A seller and a customer’s loyalty is based on the integrity of the brand and on mutual trust. Due to the lack of face-to-face interaction, the development of trust and loyalty occurs more slowly and requires more effort in eCommerce.


In the eyes of consumers, having a live customer service agent that can respond promptly and reassuringly to their queries increases trust and strengthens your brand.

Transparency is key. You should provide your address, phone number, customer testimonials, and reviews, along with pictures and information about your staff. By doing so, you de-anonymize your eCommerce business and give it a human touch.


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