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What is the Best Robot Mop You Can Buy in the Holiday Season?

Why You Need to Acquire a Robot Mop

Manual mopping can be tiring and inconvenient most of the time. It’s very unsanitary to handle buckets that are filled with dirty water. You can use gloves while doing the task but it would feel uncomfortable. This is why you have to upgrade your cleaning equipment already.

Luckily, the world we have now has become so newfangled that even mopping has also turned so much easier. Yes, there are obtainable robot mops that can help in making your daily life so much easier.

With robot mops, you won’t have to carry heavy buckets of water, do heavy squeezing, and manually clean floors yourself. Since they’re robotic, all you need to do is load the tank, press the start button, choose your preferred setting, and the robot mop will do the task for you. Robotic mops require some maintenance, but it’s quite simple to do.

Amazingly, some robot mops can be commanded and controlled through voice recognition or smartphones. No wonder you can now focus more on some more important tasks as the robot mop will provide you the utmost cleaning assistance.

What are the things you have to consider when buying a robot mop?

  • Cleaning performance. This is quite an obvious consideration. The first thing you have to ensure is that your robot mop must be efficient in terms of cleaning your floors. A high-performing robot mop is effective in terms of cleaning hard floors without the possibility of damaging them while picking up the dirt. You have to ensure that it doesn’t malfunction while cleaning your floors.
  • Battery power. A good robot mop must have a battery that can last at least 60-90 minutes. Runtimes over 90 minutes would be a great bonus. If you live in an apartment, 60 minutes of runtime would be enough to clean your whole space. It might also be great to look for units that automatically return to their charging station.
  • App control. If you’re a tech lover and you want extra convenience, look for smart robot mops. There are numerous devices that can be controlled using your smartphone. Browse for some units that come with apps that are incorporated with practical functionalities like no-go zones and scheduling.
  • Device setup. You must look for a robot mop that’s easy to program, set up, and charge. The water tank should be easily loaded. If you’re not a techie person, look for those models that operate without the use of phone apps or WiFi.
  • Functional sensors. The device must detect obstacles like carpets, floors, etc. You can also try looking for a unit that has mapping features so it can efficiently navigate your entire space.

What are the usual cleaning modes in a robot mop?

A good robotic mop effectively mops and sweeps your floors. There are several cleaning modes in every robot mop. The following modes are usually incorporated in a robot mop:

  • Wet mopping. In this mode, the robotic mop will provide a huge quantity of cleaning solution to the floor. It will also travel through your floors multiple times to clean them rigorously.
  • Slightly wet mopping. In this mode, the device will release small amounts of cleaning solution. It cleans the floor by dampening it and passing it only in a few rounds. This mode is highly recommended for wood floorings since they could be vulnerable to moisture.
  • Dry mopping. This cleaning mode is beneficial for keeping the floors dry by picking up any moisture found on your floors. This is usually selected after wet mopping the floors to dry them up.

What are the top robotic mops you can purchase?

With so many options found online or in stores, it could be truly difficult to find the best robot mop for you and your family. But we all want to experience all the benefits of a clean home, right? So at this point, we’ve gathered some of the top picks you might acquire.

  • Roborock S7

This hybrid robotic mop is one of the most superior automatic cleaning devices obtainable in the market.  It features an exceptional maximum suction of 2500 PA and is equipped with a sonic mopping system. It also uses smart mapping and navigating functions that will be beneficial in keeping your home ultra-clean.

It’s very efficient at cleaning and navigating floors and carpets, and it can clean your entire home without you having to watch over it closely. It can clean your house for up to 3 hours. That battery life is quite impressive as typical robot mops only last for 1 hour.

  • Coredy R750

In terms of affordability and practicality, this robot mop might be the most ideal pick. It also uses an intelligent cleaning system with unique features to provide a maximum multi-surface floor cleaning.

It is infused with a top-grade washable HEPA filter that assists in containing particles and dust. This robot mop is perfect for those who are dealing with allergies. The sensors in this device can detect obstacles. Its maximum suction strength is 2000 PA. Meaning, it can pick up all the dirt found in your interior space.

  • Kyvol Cybovac E31

This highly economical hybrid robot mop is one of the coolest options you can try. It uses a wide variety of modernized features that are normally found only in more superior units. This robotic mop uses various sensors used for smart navigation and collision recognition.

It can also be controlled through your smartphone using the Kyvol app. What’s also cool is you can also command it using Google Assistant or Alexa. It has a slim body that’s helpful in accessing hard-to-reach spaces. Moreover, its battery can last for up to 2.5 hours and it has a maximum suction power of 2200 PA.

  • iRobot Braava Jet M6

This selection has a very simple and sleek style yet uses numerous intelligent features that provide a newfangled cleaning capability. It can also be controlled using your smartphone with the iRobot HOME app. It can also be voice-controlled using Alexa or Google Assistant.

It has a unique jet spray that’s very effective in tackling harsh stains found on the floor. It’s also supplied with 4 mopping pads – the 2 pads are for dry mopping and the other 2 are for wet mopping. It’s so independent that it automatically goes back to its charging station once it is done cleaning your floors.

  • Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920

The design of this robotic mop is highly sleek and compact. It can be used to access tight spaces in your house. It also uses smart navigation features that are beneficial in cleaning your entire house thoroughly. You can also set schedules so it can clean your interior space based on your chosen time.

This hybrid cleaner is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It can concurrently vacuum and mop your home at the very same time without experiencing any difficulty. Once it’s done cleaning your house, it independently returns to its charging dock. This unit is one of the most versatile robot mops you can acquire in the market.

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