What is Illinois’ favorite movie from the 2000s?

Illinois (WMBD) – Films released in the 2000s brought new technologies, perspectives and experiences to the big screen, but which films were Illinoisans most looking for in the 2000s?

according to Research by USDirectan authorized DirecTV dealer, “Shrek” is the most searched-for 2000s movie by people in Illinois.

To determine the answer, USDirect used data from Marie Claire, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDb to compile a list of the 100 most popular movies of the 2000s. We then used Semrush, a keyword research program, to look at the search volume of each movie and pick out the top 12.

These 12 films include:

  • american psycho
  • transformer
  • iron man
  • Shrek
  • twilight
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Star Trek
  • super bad
  • Avatar
  • mean girls
  • cutie blonde
  • spiderman

Analysts then used Google Trends to examine the 12 most Googled movies in each state over the past 12 months.

Along with Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia, Illinois shares “Shrek” as the most Googled movie of the 2000s.

The study produced several other notable findings. For one, the 2000 satirical thriller American Psycho was the most searched for movie in 14 states (including New York, where the movie was set) during the 2000s.

‘Transformers’ was the most searched Google title in 12 states, followed by ‘Iron Man’ as the second most searched title in 6 states.

“Shrek” and “Twilight” were top searches in four states each. However, according to the study, “Shrek” had the highest Metacritic score on the list at 84/100. Meanwhile, “Twilight” scored her lowest at 56/100.

Additionally, “Iron Man” has the second highest IMDB score (7.9/10) on the list, alongside “Shrek” and “Avatar.”

Box Office Mojo shows “Avatar”, Highest-grossing movie of all timeFlorida is the only state to google this movie more than any other 2000s movie. What is Illinois’ favorite movie from the 2000s?

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