What happens to a passenger’s unclaimed baggage?

Scottsboro, Alabama (new nation) — Have you ever wondered what happens? unclaimed luggage?

After 90 days, if no one claims the package, it will be sold to an unclaimed baggage center, where the items inside will be resold. If a passenger’s bag is truly lost, the airline will pay the passenger insurance.

Sony Hood unclaimed baggage The Scottsboro store said it welcomes more than one million customers each year. The store offers huge discounts on everything they get.

Hood said their unusual, one-of-a-kind stores are “like a to-do list” for people.

The bottom line is that if you don’t pick up your bag at the airport, the airline will sell it.

However, packages rarely go unclaimed. in fact, 99.5% of bags I am reunited with the owner.

However, with millions of passengers flying every day, there are many pieces of luggage that are never reunited with their owners. Also, unclaimed baggage workers said they saw some pretty wild items.

“The most shocking thing I ever unpacked was a live rattlesnake,” Hood says. “It goes back to his ’90s. We found a real human shrunken head, a suit of armor.”

Hood says the shop has something for everyone and restocks 7,000 items daily.

Everything from wedding dresses, diamonds and sporting goods to all kinds of clothing and even electronics. What happens to a passenger’s unclaimed baggage?

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