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WGN Solves Taylor Swift’s Suburban Family Ticket Trouble

StubHub spent $13,000 to get it right

Ticketmaster isn’t the only company struggling to keep up with the huge demand. Taylor Swift Tickets when superstars put on shows Chicago next week.

Investigated by WGN I have been contacted by a family at Lagrange Park who have been having trouble securing tickets for the seats they have purchased tickets for the past 6 months. stub hub.

“It says ‘Your order guarantees a valid ticket to enter the event,'” Diana Finnegan read from a confirmation email she received after purchasing four tickets last November. said while

When his e-ticket did not arrive, Finnegan embarked on a six-month ordeal that included dozens of calls, emails and messages to StubHub customer service.

“I’m here to make sure I get tickets in time for the event.” stub hub The rep wrote in multiple emails. “We will provide you with all the support you need to receive tickets for your event.”

However, in detail stub hub‘s “Fan Protect Guarantee” states that the company promises to purchasers that they will receive the ticket they ordered, a ticket of equal or greater value, or a refund.

Finnegan said a customer service representative revealed in early May. stub hub We generally only offer comparable tickets if we can secure up to 150% of the customer’s purchase price.

very high price Quick That option was quickly ruled out because of tickets, but Finnegan said StubHub didn’t say anything. “Since November, through this entire process, I have never had a chance to get a comparable ticket.”

Investigated by WGN I reached out to StubHub to ask why this family has been together for so long. Three hours after we intervened, StubHub stepped up and sent the Finnigan family tickets to Friday’s concert at Soldier Field.

stub hub‘s FanProtect guarantee ensures ticket purchasers will be admitted and if there is a problem we will find a ticket of equal or better value or issue a full refund, but our priority is always to get you in. is. ‘” a StubHub spokesperson wrote in an email. Investigated by WGN.

“In Ms Finnegan’s case, we have provided an upgraded alternative ticket in accordance with our policy. We hope she enjoys the show.”

stub hubsolution is not cheap for the company. A spokesperson said Finnegan’s replacement ticket was worth $13,592, well above the $1,270 he originally paid through StubHub.

The family of four, who now include daughters Laila, 16, and Betsy, 12, are thrilled with the results. “stub hub Tickets transferred – go to the show! Diana Finnegan told her daughters in a video she recorded. “thank you wagon! ”

https://wgntv.com/news/wgn-investigates/wgn-fixes-taylor-swift-ticket-trouble-for-suburban-family/ WGN Solves Taylor Swift’s Suburban Family Ticket Trouble

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