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Vendor at relocated Little Village discount mall finds new home

Chicago — A number of vendors who have lost the right to sell merchandise at the Little Village Discount Mall will be able to resume operations in new locations.

the vendor is First notified in February It took me just over a month to clean up the store and move out of the mall. But rather than silently evict, they chose to delay the eviction with the help of local leaders.

Putting the group together just days before the planned eviction date on March 26th petitioned the judge An emergency injunction to stop the eviction. March 24th the judge dismissed the petition.

At the time, District 25 Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez said he was working to secure another location for the vendor, but did not disclose the location.

He plans to announce the “grand opening of new locations” for all the relocated vendors on Friday, according to a release from his office.

WGN will be live-streaming the entire announcement within this story beginning at approximately 2:30pm.

https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/displaced-little-village-discount-mall-vendors-find-new-home/ Vendor at relocated Little Village discount mall finds new home

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