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Unresponsive small plane scrambles military jet over Washington, then crashes in Virginia | Wagon Radio 720

WASHINGTON (AP) – The military scrambled fighter jets before the plane crashed in Virginia on Sunday afternoon after a wayward and unresponsive business plane flew over the capital, officials said. The fighter caused a huge sonic boom throughout the metropolitan area.

The Cessna Citation took off from Elizabethtown, Tennessee on Sunday and was heading to MacArthur Airport on Long Island, the Federal Aviation Administration said. Inexplicably, the plane turned over Long Island, New York, flew straight over Washington, DC, and then crashed in the mountains near Montebello, Virginia at about 3:30 p.m.

It was not immediately clear why the plane did not respond, why it crashed, or how many people were on board.

A U.S. official confirmed to the Associated Press that a military jet scrambled to meet the small plane, which then crashed. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to publicly discuss details of the military operation.

The plane that crashed was registered with Encore Motors Ltd of Melbourne. A woman who identified herself as Barbara Rumpel, who is listed as the president of Encore Motors in Melbourne, was approached by an Associated Press reporter on Sunday, but she said she had no comment.

President Joe Biden was playing golf at Joint Base Andrews when the planes took off. Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the US Secret Intelligence Service, said Sunday’s incident had not affected the president’s course of action. Biden spent the afternoon playing golf with his brother at a Maryland National Guard base.

The Pentagon, the Washington, D.C. Air National Guard, and the North American Aerospace Defense Force did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Sunday.


Associated Press reporter Chris Megerian, who lives in Washington, contributed to the report.

https://wgnradio.com/news/national/unresponsive-small-plane-over-washington-causes-military-jet-to-scramble-later-crashes-in-virginia/ Unresponsive small plane scrambles military jet over Washington, then crashes in Virginia | Wagon Radio 720

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