Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant shuts down last reactor as fighting and flooding continue

Ukrainian Atomic Energy Agency announces installation of last operational reactor at European nuclear power plant largest nuclear power plant Entering ‘Cold Shutdown’ – safety measures amid catastrophic flooding from nearby dam breach Russia’s war against Ukraine will continue until the 16th month.

Russian forces continued to bombard the country with missiles and drones overnight, and Ukrainian officials reported at least four deaths and damage to a military airfield.

5 of 6 reactors in Zaporizhia

nuclear power plant, i.e. occupied by the Russian armyis already in cold shutdown and all control rods are inserted into the core, stopping fission reactions and heat and pressure production.

Ukraine’s nuclear energy agency Energoatom said in a statement late Friday that there was no “direct threat” to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Kakhovka dam collapse Thousands have been displaced further down the Dnieper. escape from the flood The water level in the reservoir used to cool the facility has also dropped significantly.

Energoatom said the last reactor was cold-shut down on Thursday, adding that other factors in the decision included shelling near the site that damaged the overhead wires connecting the power plant to Ukraine’s energy system.

Ukraine calls for international rescue of civilians after dam attack


When all nuclear reactions cease, the temperature and pressure inside the reactor gradually decrease, reducing the strength required to water-cool the radioactive fuel. This is the safest operating mode for nuclear power plants. Energoatom employees still work at the plant, which is still managed by Russians.

The on-site power plant has not been operational since September last year.the head of International Atomic Energy Agency I am planning to visit Ukraine in the next few days.

Analysts and Russia say Ukraine may be launching a counteroffensive in southern Ukraine, aiming to recapture territory near the plant.

Also on Saturday morning, Ukrainian officials reported that at least four civilians were killed across the country as Russian forces launched attacks with Iranian-made drone Shahed, missiles, artillery and mortars. Ukraine’s State Emergency Service said three people were killed and more than 20 wounded overnight in an attack on the Black Sea port of Odesa. Natalia Khmeniuk, a spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Southern Operations Command, said two children and a pregnant woman were among the injured.

In northeastern Ukraine, more than a dozen drones targeted the Kharkiv region, killing a 29-year-old man, the country’s governor Olev Sinievbov reported on Saturday. He added that at least three other civilians were injured.

Further west in the Poltava region, Russian drone and missile attacks have damaged a military airfield overnight, local governor Dmitro Lunin reported. Lunin said no one was hurt. As of Saturday morning, there were no further comments from the Ukrainian military or authorities on the extent of the damage.

The Ukrainian Air Force said it had shot down 20 of the 35 “Shahid” drones launched by the Russian military that night, and two of the eight “various types” of missiles. Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant shuts down last reactor as fighting and flooding continue

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