Truss is facing a wave of resignation amid turmoil in the UK government. WGN Radio 720

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Liz Truss took power by a thread on Thursday after a senior minister resigned from government after a barrage of criticism and a vote in the House of Commons turned chaotic and painful. rice field.

A failed economic plan announced by the government last month has sparked financial turmoil and a political crisis that has seen the replacement of the Truss Treasury Secretary, multiple policy U-turns and the breakdown of discipline in the ruling Conservative Party.

Many Conservatives have argued that Truss must resign, but she continues to defy that she is a “fighter, not a quitter”.

Conservative MP Simon Hoare said the government was in disarray.

“Nobody has a route plan. It’s like hand-to-hand combat on a daily basis,” he told the BBC on Thursday. Stated.

Opinion polls give Labor a significant lead, with many Conservatives believing the only hope to avoid electoral oblivion is to replace the Truss. Opinions are divided on how to get rid of her, however, and there is still no front-runner to succeed her.

National elections do not have to take place until 2024, and under Conservative rules, the truss is technically safe from leadership challenges for a year. There is speculation about how many lawmakers have already submitted letters calling for a no-confidence vote.

In a major blow, Interior Secretary Suela Braverman resigned Wednesday after violating regulations by sending official documents from her personal email account. “I’m concerned about the direction,” he said.

“Government’s work depends on people accepting responsibility for their mistakes,” she said in a flimsy bargain in Truss.

Braverman was replaced as Home Secretary in charge of immigration and law and order by former Cabinet Minister Grant Shaps.

The Truss faced further turmoil in parliament Wednesday night over a vote on shale gas fracking, which the Truss wants to resume, despite opposition from many Conservatives.

With Conservatives in the majority in Parliament, opposition calls for a ban on fracking were easily defeated, but some MPs said the Conservative whipping would be treated as a motion of confidence and the vote would be treated as a motion of confidence. He was furious when he said that if the motion passed, it would mean the government would collapse.

There was a scene of outrage in the House, where party whips were accused of using heavy-handed tactics to win votes. Labor MP Chris Bryant said he “saw members being physically abused and bullied”. Conservative officials denied there was any manipulation.

Rumors swirled that Conservative leader Wendy Morton, in charge of party discipline, and her deputy leader had resigned. A few hours later, Truss’ office said both remained at work.

In a dramatic turn of events, Truss fired her Treasury Secretary Kwasi Kwarten on Friday after an economic package announced by the pair on Sept. 23 rocked financial markets and sparked an economic and political crisis. It happened a few days later.

The £45bn ($50bn) unfunded tax cuts under the plan have caused turmoil in financial markets, smashing the value of the pound and increasing borrowing costs for the UK government. The Bank of England was forced to intervene to prevent the crisis from spreading across the economy and endangering pension funds.

On Monday, Kwarten’s successor, Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt, rescinded nearly all of Truss’ tax cuts and backed away from pledges to avoid major energy and public spending cuts. He said the government needed to save billions of pounds and had to make “many difficult decisions” before formulating a medium-term financial plan on 31 October.

Truss, who spoke to lawmakers for the first time since his U-turn, apologized Wednesday and admitted he made mistakes in his six weeks in office, but changed course by changing course “responsibly and in the public interest.” “We made the right decision for the country’s economic stability.” ”

Opposition MPs yelled, “Resign!” As she spoke in her House of Commons.

But she insisted, “I’m a fighter, I’m not a smoker.”


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