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Touring the US for the midterm elections?


Seeing a Republican rally in Georgia, meeting a Democratic candidate in Florida, travelers from the UK documented their trips.

Screengrab from Caroline Sumnall’s Twitter video

Ever wondered how politics are done in other countries? Ever wanted to visit another country during an election? Watch the midterm elections as the picture shows Some travelers came to the United States for

Caroline Sumnall, a British woman, told McClatchy News on Thursday, November 10.

political tour, the UK-based tour company offers “expert-led … political study tours,” according to the company’s Twitter account. The company said,US midterm electionsGroups will be limited to 14 people on the Nov. 3-9 tour, with stops in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, their website says.

Political Tours did not respond to McClatchy News’ request for comment on November 9.

Sumnall said the company conducted two midterm election tours, a northern tour and a southern tour.

stop by on her tour orlando, floridaSamnall has coffee with a Republican strategist, meets Maxwell Frost (D-Florida), the first Generation Z member of Congress, and talks with Brandon Wolfe, a survivor of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting. 3.

“Invited to join Democrats voting,” Samnal posted twitter In the photo, she tagged Democratic candidate Jen Jordan, who is running for Attorney General of Georgia.

“eat fried green tomatoes At Brad Ravensperger’s election night party,” she posted a photo of the event for Georgia’s Republican candidate for secretary of state.

When Brian Kemp won the Georgia gubernatorial election, Samnall was in the room to hear his congratulatory speech. “Great atmosphere,” she muttered, video.

In addition to sharing her experience, Sumnall has used Twitter to explain and often correct misconceptions about what she and Political Tours are doing. tour groupI never haveShe said she visits events “unannounced” but “always invited.”

She described the tourists she traveled with: Pensioner Who Wants To Understand” US Elections. When asked about the nationalities of recent tour groups, Political Tours did not answer.

Sumnall responds to concerns that the presence of foreigners at political events can create confusion. explained They are “just learning about the process. It’s a political education, not a mess.”

Sumnall is a self-described “political traveler” political tour I met the then president during my 2016 tour to Ohio barack obama 2020 tour to Iowa for caucuses where she met then-president donald trump living with a British group, Australian person tourist.

Aspen Pflughoeft handles McClatchy’s real-time news. She graduated from Minerva College with a degree in Communications, History and International Politics. Previously, she reported on her Deseret News.

https://www.bnd.com/news/nation-world/national/article268598402.html Touring the US for the midterm elections?

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