Torrential rains bring flooding to Chicago’s northwest side

Chicago (CBS) — So much rain fell so quickly in the Chicago area on Sunday that it flooded sewers, flooded streets and flooded viaducts.

A viewer sent a video near Irving Park and Colmar showing the Good Samaritan making his way through high waves to a woman stranded in her car. He pulled her out of her window and took her to her high ground.

Luckily she wasn’t hurt.

Ravenswood’s Foster Viaduct and Winnemac Viaduct had equally tricky drives, but no rescues.

Dan Carlson tweeted a photo of the flooded and impassable area.

Another video shows water gushing out of a drain pipe outside the Diversey Bowl on the northwest side, where flooding had a major problem on Sunday night.


urban rivers

Massive flooding occurred near Lawrence and Pulaski, leaving debris all over the ground, uprooting trees, and cutting some ropes.

It looked like a geyser spewing tons of water onto the street. A nearby car seems to have been flooded.

“It looks like 20 to 30 feet of water,” said Patel Kirankmar.


Witnesses said a tarp over a ditch collapsed in Bucktown at about the same time, sending geysers of water into the air.

All water had to go somewhere, and the northwest side of the city was no exception. Near Ravenswood, a homeowner was forced to clean his eight inches of water from his home.

“We have eight inches of water here, which is great to work on, especially in the Bears’ opening game on Sunday. We want to see the Bears and deal with this cleanup,” said Scott Surma. Torrential rains bring flooding to Chicago’s northwest side

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