These states may stay on daylight saving time permanently under new bill

(NEXSTAR) – billing to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent in the United States Another bill, now passing Congress, that gives states the power to lock their clocks, is before the House of Representatives.

under Uniform Time Act 1966states can choose not to observe daylight saving time (the hours from March through November), but they cannot choose to stay on daylight saving time throughout the year.

However, many states have enacted legislation to implement permanent daylight saving time if given the opportunity by a legislative decision. A new bill introduced by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) hopes to do just that.

Rogers’ bill, introduced earlier this month, would give states the power to observe daylight saving time year-round.

“Continuing daylight saving time can have enormous economic and public health benefits. Moreover, changing clocks twice a year is an unnecessary and outdated nuisance,” Rogers said. says. statement Monday.

of Specification Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Which states are waiting for Congressional approval?

at least 19 states Laws or Resolutions Already Enacted According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), to continue daylight saving time permanently.

Those states include Alabama, ColoradoDelaware, florida, GeorgiaIdaho, LouisianaMaine, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, south carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.california voters accepted the change However, no legislative action has been taken yet.

member of parliament Arkansas and Oklahoma Introduced legislation to continue daylight saving time permanently if Congress allowed states to make such a choice.Bill introduced in Arkansas later withdrawn.

Lawmakers in Nebraska introduced a similar bill, but a third neighboring state would also need to pass legislation on the issue. nebraska examinerLawmakers in New Mexico are considering two laws. One to keep the state on standard time, and another to make daylight saving time permanent if all or part of Texas (specifically El Paso County, Texas) passes a similar law. It’s for in texaslawmakers hope to pass a resolution in November letting voters choose between permanent standard time or permanent daylight saving time.

Virginia Senate failed to pass bill Last month, the state should have transitioned to daylight saving time year-round. The bill’s author, Republican Senator Richard H. Stewart, said he moved the bill forward because “I’m really sick of changing the clock twice a year.”

Senator Rubio’s bill, which received bipartisan support, was referred to the Commission on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Florida) introduced the relevant legislation in the House and also referred it to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

If Rep. Rodgers’ bill becomes law, it’s unclear when states will be able to implement daylight saving time year-round. These states may stay on daylight saving time permanently under new bill

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