The city says immigrants are moving from the Highridge YMCA to Daley College.details unknown

The city of Chicago plans to move hundreds of asylum seekers by bus from a North Side shelter to a South Side community college on Sunday.

But a local city council member said Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration was unclear about the reasons behind the move and said the plans were kept secret.

Migrants who may be moved are staying at the Highridge YMCA (2424 W. Touhy Ave). On Friday, the mayor’s office announced that the migrants would be moved from there to Daly College in Westlawn, Aldo. Jail Gutierrez (14th).

But on Sunday, Gutierrez said he had not yet been told when the immigrants would be transferred from the YMCA to Daly College on 76th Street and Pulaski Road.

She was informed by the mayor’s office on Friday that they planned to move the migrants on Sunday, though the mayor’s office was unclear on exactly who would be moved or when.

“The mayor’s office told me to welcome them[today at Daly College]but I don’t know the details,” she said Sunday morning. “They said their family[will move]and they said they were single. I don’t know what’s going on. …I need answers.”

The Johnson administration issued a statement at 5 p.m., after Friday’s TV news reported on immigrant families unhappy about leaving the YMCA and the ties they had built in the neighborhood. said it would be postponed until Sunday.

“After careful consideration of the impact this will have on asylum-seeking families and the overall mission, the City has decided to move immigrant families from Highridge YMCA to Daley College to allow more time for planning by the host community. We have decided to move the date to Sunday,” Johnson said in a statement issued at 5pm Friday.

Johnson’s office said it was intended to ease pressure from the Chicago Police District, which houses immigrants. Relocated immigrants can also offer services offered by Chicago public schools at Harley Elementary School, providing the same services they receive at all other shelters in the city today.

“The Daly community has been very welcoming to the new arrivals who are already living there, and we are confident that our administration will extend a warm welcome to these families as well,” Johnson said in a statement. Stated.

At a community rally last week, Gutierrez said he was told that families would be prioritized for moving into Daly University, and that the city would use the university as a temporary shelter until August 1.

The city began using the university as a refuge in early June, following a controversial community rally that divided residents over whether to support asylum seekers.

Highridge YMCA will permanently close in January 2021.

The mayor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gutierrez said the mayor’s office was “doing its best”, adding that “we hope to have everything resolved this weekend.” The city says immigrants are moving from the Highridge YMCA to Daley College.details unknown

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