The best of the best: Top 5 betting websites to bet on the Australian Football League

Australian Football League is one of the most important sports events in Australia.
That is not surprising that such a unique sport encourages more and more people to watch it online. However, many people decide to add some heat to the upcoming match with a bet. Nevertheless, finding the right bookmaker might be difficult for many people, especially novice gamblers. Here are Top 5 best AFL betting sites, which provide the best services not only for Australian users but for people from all over the world.

№5. Unibet

Unibet is a golden middle in the world of betting websites. It is not that perfect that all people run straight to them, but it is not bad at all.
To start with, Unibet’s design is just fine. It contains all the information needed for the user on the home page. You can see the “trending” matches, interesting upcoming events, and all the provided categories.
The betting sector of the website is divided into two parts: Racing and Sports. While the content of the racing is obvious, the sports part contains everything starting from football (including AFL) to chess.
Even more, they provided a special betting guide for new users on their website, which is really great and allows them to understand the work of the website much faster.
However, there is a sort of an issue. Including the fact, that the main purpose of the website is betting, there are far too many casino tabs. It is a great option for users to play some slots or blackjack while some break, but the website is full of it. You are starting to forget that you are on a betting website at all. Nevertheless, the website is still good. It allows placing a bet on the chosen match and spending the time with pleasure. But some casino nuances and the fact that the website is common and has minor differences between hundreds of other betting websites does not allow it to come higher than than the 5th position.

№4. PlayUp

PlayUp is an interesting betting website, which is fully concentrated on betting. Like many websites, it provides two major categories. Sports and Racing are the major sectors on the website, which contain everything players need. The design is simple enough for the novice gambler to feel comfortable working with the PlayUp. There are not that many categories and a website may seem quite

boring to many sophisticated users. But the AFL is still present so users may bet freely. The website provides no casino gaming, so it’s only for placing a wager on some event. The odds are quite similar to almost all the websites on this top, which is nice. The satisfying functionality of the website and low margin allow it to get more and more new users. However, PlayUp does not offer anything interesting for gamblers. It is just a fine-
working betting site with a comfortable interface and not a huge amount of sports categories. It’s good and worths attention but there are some better candidates.

№3. Betfair

It may sound really astonishing that such an old, well-known and respected website is just in the 3rd place. However, Betfair has some issues which don’t allow it to climb higher on the list. But let’s start with the advantages. The very first one is the optimization of the websites. It works not only in Europe or US, but covers the whole world without any issues.
Moreover, Betfair is a trustworthy bookmaker, which started its work more than 20 years ago, which makes it one of the most popular and the oldest betting websites in Europe. But the services it provides are even more popular. The most interesting event for us is AFL. And they allow betting on the Brownlow medal and on the whole premiership outcome. But the issue is that the odds are not the best at all. Moreover, sometimes the updating of the event list may take a much longer time than it should.
However, the fact that the website has such a wide variety of content does not let it be lower than the third place. It is really balanced for all the users. It has an unobtrusive casino, which would be a nice option for the ones who are tired of betting, it provides a huge diversity of popular events. But it’s only 3rd place, because of low odds and rare updating issues.

№2. Palmerbet

Palmerbet is the bookmaker that everyone wants to visit. This Australian bookie knows what to offer to their customers to make them happy.
First of all, the design is great. They combined everything important on the main page so orienting there is way too easy. Smooth and beautiful animations add more charm to the Palmerbet.
In spite of the fact that the website is mainly concentrated on racing, it is still possible to find some good deals in the sports category. And there is an opportunity to bet on Australian Football League. For now, you can choose only two options: betting on who will get the Brownlow medal and on who will win the premiership. Furthermore, the odds are more than just satisfying. Knowing that their website is mostly oriented on some local audience, they give a nice and competitive odds.

Extremely good odds and realizing that the website was made with love and the spirit of gambling allows Palmerbet to take 2nd place.

№1. Bet365

Bet365 is a giant of the betting market. It is impossible to imagine the top of the best bookies without this website. And that’s well-deserved regard for it. To start with, the website is oriented toward attracting more people. They give the best conditions either for novice and experienced users, who are more likely to join the website. Even more, Bet365 manages to update all the events just on time and be one of the first bookies with accurate information about upcoming games. The opportunity to bet in real-time is also important and adds more and more points to it. Furthermore, this bookmaker provides an opportunity to bet on the AFL. And what is the most astonishing is that the odds are extremely good. Including the fact that Bet365 is one of the most popular betting websites, it doesn’t have to give such great offers for its users. But it does and that’s amazing. Nevertheless, there is not only the Australian Football League. The website has a wide variety of sports events, which include everything and even politics. And all these factors and the absence of disadvantages allow Bet365 to hold the honorable First place on this top.

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