Taylor Swift’s ticket debacle prompts Senate hearings

(KTLA) – After millions of Taylor Swift fans were unable to purchase tickets for Taylor Swift’s Elas tour for the first time since pre-pandemic, it seems Ticketmaster can’t shake off the bad blood.

Now the case is in the spotlight on Capitol Hill.

Tuesday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Ming) announced She and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) will hold hearings to look into the lack of competition in the ticket industry.

This comes after Swifts expressed frustration with site delays and errors while trying to enter the tour’s presale.

“The high fees, site disruptions and cancellations experienced by customers show that Ticketmaster’s dominant market position does not face pressure to continuously innovate and improve,” said Klobuchar. says. “That is why we are holding public hearings on how the convergence of the live entertainment and ticketing industries harms both customers and artists. Without competition to encourage better service and fair prices, we We all suffer the consequences.”

Senator Lee explained how consumers deserve to “benefit” from competition in any business market.

“I look forward to exercising the subcommittee’s oversight powers to ensure that anti-competitive mergers and exclusionary practices do not cripple an entertainment industry already struggling to recover from pandemic lockdowns. I do it,” he explained.

Klobuchar is chairman and principal member of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights.

last week she I wrote a letter to Ticketmaster She has expressed her concern over the lack of competition in the ticket industry.

Great success at the pre-sale event Ticketmaster website crashed last week. Ticketmaster revealed they were unable to handle the large number of fans logging in. Due to record numbers, the site had to cancel general sales, leaving many fans in the dust.

fast broke her silence Regarding the issue, he said, “It’s really hard to trust an external entity with these relationships and loyalties, and just watching them make mistakes without relying on them is unbearable.”

Swift’s Eras Tour kicks off March 17th in Glendale, Arizona. Taylor Swift’s ticket debacle prompts Senate hearings

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