Storm surge: Police say weeds wash up on shore in Neptune Beach, Florida

“There was pot, only marijuana was here”

Monday, July 24, 2023 1:39 am

Mysterious marijuana washes up on Florida beaches, baffling beachgoers

Neptune Beach, Florida (WLS) — Another type of seaweed washed up on Neptune Beach in Florida on Saturday morning.

“We only had marijuana here,” said Brian Crews. WJXTNews.

A large amount of unpackaged marijuana washes up on the beach. It was enough to cover part of the coastline near Florida Boulevard.

“I don’t know from personal experience, but watching the show, I would have probably added up to £5 or £10,” Cruz said.

The Neptune Beach Police Department posted a photo on Facebook and warned against trying to pick it up or take it home.

It looks like a sargassum, so it’s easy to get confused, but Zach West said he knew something was wrong when he saw it.

“When I actually picked it up and smelled what it smelled like, it was cannabis and I was like, well, it’s kind of crazy,” West said.

After West confirmed it was a beach bud, her mother called 911.

“My mom and I were a little worried because we have a baby and we’re going to put fentanyl on it if we have a recent infection,” West said. “So if they picked it up, there was fentanyl in it and the baby could have fallen and died. No one around Narkan did that.”

Eventually the police came out to the beach and cleaned up.

It is not yet clear who it belongs to or how it got there.

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