Southwest Airlines pilot hangs from window to retrieve passenger’s cell phone

(NEXSTAR) – Generally speaking, you don’t want to see your plane’s pilot hanging out of your cockpit window.

This was the exact scenario that played out prior to a recent Southwest Airlines flight in California.The airline crew at Long Beach Airport worked with the captain of the departing plane to check the cockpit window. returned the passenger’s phone call from

A Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said the plane had already left the gate to prepare for takeoff when a passenger waiting to board another flight noticed a phone in the gate area, but was parked. This passenger then took the mobile phone to an operations agent in Southwest, who told the agent that the owner of the mobile phone had already boarded an aircraft that was taxiing.

Instead of throwing the phone in a lost and found box or sending it to the flight’s destination, the airport agent gave it to the ground crew. The ground crew “jumped” onto the plane’s captain while the plane was sitting.According to Tarmac Facebook post Shared by Southwest earlier this week.

post Video was also included The captain, who was leaning out of the cockpit, was shown two ground crew members taking turns trying to hand over the phone. Passengers near the gate could also be heard cheering as the phone was safely handed over to the pilot.

In a statement emailed to Nextor, a Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said, “I love to see the well-meaning efforts of our employees to help fellow passengers.” Thank you for jumping in to help.”

In response to Southwest’s Facebook post, dozens of the airline’s patrons praised the airline for helping travelers without phones. But one of them had another message for Southwest after he narrowly missed his flight home in July.

“I wish someone would have done that for me and pushed me me through the window [of the plane]’ she joked on Facebook. Southwest Airlines pilot hangs from window to retrieve passenger’s cell phone

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