‘Some Like It Hot’ Leads Tony Award Nominations With 13 Nominations

NEW YORK (AP) — Some Like It Hot, the Broadway musical adaptation of the transvestite comedy starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, put the show in the spotlight Tuesday with Top 13 Tony nominations. I guessed. It’s a sweet, heartfelt embrace of transgender rights.

Sung by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, starring Christian Ball and J. Harrison Gee, all were nominated. The show follows her two musician friends who disguise themselves as women and join her band All Her Girls after witnessing a mob attack. Just like in the movie, a man in a dress is trying to pass as a woman.

“The only thing we wanted to do was be honest, and we wanted to treat these characters with dignity,” wrote the Tony Award-nominated book alongside Amber Ruffin. said Matthew Lopez. “Sometimes the best way to treat characters with dignity is to let them be flawed, scary, funny, brave and human. One is to create human-scale characters who have extraordinary experiences.”

The musical comes at a time when transgender rights are being attacked, from the revival of “Parade” to the black actor-led “Death of a Salesman” to the new “Ain’t No Mo” and the new musical “Kimberly Akimbo” was performed.

“I think the pandemic has put a lot into perspective, both in terms of the improvements we need to make in our communities and how everyone is feeling about the world and being human. “There is real urgency and real purpose in the art that people are making.”

“& Juliet” reimagines “Romeo and Juliet” and adds some of the biggest pop hits of the past decades; “New York, New York” combines two generations of Broadway royalty Jon Kander and Lynn Manuel Miranda, and “Shucked” is a stunning lightweight musical comedy sprinkled with Cohn’s puns.

In her eighth Broadway show, Betsy Wolfe, who played Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway, received her first nomination for “& Juliet.” The actor just dropped off his nearly 3-year-old daughter at ballet class Tuesday morning. “When I see her, I hope she speaks to me properly,” she joked.

In this musical, screenwriter David West Reid created an original story using “Romeo and Juliet” as a starting point, along with Britney Spears’ “Opus! … We did it again”, Katy Perry’s “Roar”, ‘It’s My Life’ by Bon Jovi. This musical imagines a happier ending for Juliet after completing her journey of self-discovery.

“It’s a great story about second chances. Honestly, that’s what we’re all going through right now,” Wolfe said. “We were all given a second chance after getting through this time. Really, really special and timely.

Critical musical darling ‘Kimberly Akimbo,’ starring Victoria Clarke as a teenager who ages four times faster than the average human, rounded out the Best Musical category and earned a total of eight nominations .

Clarke, who was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical, hopes to add a second Tony to her trophy case after winning a second for The Light in the Piazza in 2005. is. But more than that, she wants her show to get more attention.

“It’s a special event that celebrates our collective humanity,” she said. I’m not saying life is going to be easy, but I’m saying that life is worth living, and I think that’s the message that we need to get out there.Life is worth living. There is.”

In the Best New Play category, James Ijames wins the Pulitzer Prize for Tom Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt, which explores Jewish identity in an intergenerational narrative, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet, set in a black family. was nominated for the award-winning “Fat Ham”. BBQ at Modern South.

The rest of this category is the short-lived but critically acclaimed work “Ain’t It” by playwright and actor Jordan E. Cooper and Stephen Adley Girgis’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Between Riverside and Crazy”. No Mo”. “Cost of Living” is the parallel story of two caregivers and their respective patients.

Nominated for six categories, “Ain’t No Mo” begins with the U.S. government sending out an email offering free flights to Africa to all black citizens, and how various people responded to the offer. Explore each scene to see how it reacts.

When Cooper visited his childhood home in Texas, he learned that he had been nominated twice for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor. He and his family learned of his triumph in his living room where he did his first play when he was six years old.

“It’s a little bittersweet,” said Cooper. “We were only able to do about 60 performances, but this cast and this creative team seemed like the most talented people I have ever seen. The audience felt it was something special, and it’s so nice to know that the work we’ve put in — blood, sweat and tears — isn’t in vain. is.”

“Parade,” a doomed musical love story set against a real-life backdrop of murders and lynchings in pre-World War I Georgia, earned six nods, including Pratt, and won 2017’s “Dear Evan. Hansen,” said rising star and first-time nominee Mikaela Diamond.

Jessica Chastain, who won an Oscar for “Tammy Fey’s Eyes,” received her first Tony Award nomination for her pared-down version of “Doll’s House,” and won a Tony Award for producing “Clybourne Park.” Wendell Pierce received his first Tony Award nomination. Nominated as an actor for Broadway in the blazing revival of ‘Death of a Salesman’.

Pierce wept when he heard the news. The actor, best known for his role as Bunk on the HBO drama The Wire, said his emotions are “the culmination of years of work that can influence people.” added like And suddenly I burst into tears. But it was tears of joy. ”

Pierce is joined by Susan-Lori Parks’ “Top Dog/Underdog” stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Corey Hawkins, and former “Will and Grace” star Sean of “Good Night, Oscar.” Confront Hayes. Stephen His McKinley His Henderson earned his second nomination for ‘Between Riverside and Crazy’ after winning his one for ‘Fences’ in 2019.

Three-time Emmy-nominated “Killing Eve” star Jodie Comer was nominated for her Broadway debut, but her play “Prima Facey” was not nominated for Best New Artist. Her award could extend her reign if she beats Comer as best lead actress in a play for “Ohio Murders.” The final slot in the category went to Jessica Hecht staring at the play Summer 1976.

Nevertheless, another show was nominated, which ended soon after.’KPOP’ was the first Broadway presentation of Korean pop music.’KPOP’ won three, including best original score. bottom.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s bubbly, widely panned “Bad Cinderella,” as well as “Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical,” the stage biography of the singer-songwriter with dozens of Top 40 hits, No nods. Hollywood Oscars Isaac and Rachel Brosnahan were nominated for “Sidney Bluestein’s Window Sign,” while Samuel L. Jackson won his first Tony Award for “August Wilson’s Piano Lesson.”

Two well-received revivals from the late Stephen Sondheim, “Sweeney Todd” with Annalee Ashford and Josh Groban, and the star-studded “Into the Woods,” were recognized. “Sweeney Todd” was nominated for eight categories, including Groban and Ashford, and “Into the Woods” was nominated for her six, including Brian d’Arcy James and her Grammy-winning girlfriend Sara Bareilles. It was nominated for three Tony Awards.

“Almost Famous,” a stage adaptation of Cameron Crowe’s autobiographical coming-of-age story, received only one nomination for music by Tom Kitt and lyrics by Crowe and Kitt. And he has two reasons why choreographer Jennifer Weber smiles on Tuesday. Weber was nominated for her first Broadway shows, ‘& Juliet’ and ‘KPOP’.

One of the triggers for “Some Like It Hot” was Guy’s nomination for Best Actor in a Musical. Guy and Alex Newell, who won Best Supporting Actor for “Shucked,” are the first non-binary actors to be nominated for a Tony Award. (Last year, composer and author Toby Marlowe became the first non-binary nominee, winning with “Six.”)

Ariana DeBose will host the June 11 awards ceremony, which will be broadcast live at the United Palace Theater in New York City on CBS and Paramount+. This is her second consecutive stint as a host.


Associated Press reporter John Carucci contributed to this report.


Mark Kennedy is at ‘Some Like It Hot’ Leads Tony Award Nominations With 13 Nominations

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