Sangamon County Tornado Classified as EF-2

The National Weather Service attributed the tornadoes that hit Sherman, Riverton and elsewhere on Friday to strong winds of 130 mph. Field crews are continuing to investigate the damage, and preliminary estimates are subject to change.

According to NWS:

Sherman’s tornado developed at 6:12 pm in an open field one mile northwest of Sherman, damaging two homes and two outbuildings before crossing Interstate 55. Areas immediately east of Interstate 55 suffered even greater damage. There, many houses suffered severe damage to their roofs and siding, and several outbuildings and separate garages were severely damaged. The tornado moved northeast and reached rural areas, damaging his two large barns on a horse ranch. Minor damage was seen further northeast, with sheet metal from buildings littering the field.

The tornado traveled 5.5 miles and lasted 8 minutes. Its maximum width was 400 yards.

Another tornado in Riverton:

At 18:18, a tornado occurred near the intersection of the elevated road and the old National Route 36, damaging trees. Northeast of this location, the roof was completely removed from the business. The remainder of the tornado’s path through Sangamon County in the north and Logan County in the south was mostly open fields, with minor damage to farm outbuildings. The tornado dissipated near Latham, causing shingles damage to several homes in the town.

The tornado traveled 21.1 miles and lasted 8 minutes. Its maximum width was 200 yards.

Riverton Tornado.jpg

Tornado in Morrisonville It is believed to have been EF-0 with a maximum wind speed of 80 miles per hour. Beginning at 7:06 p.m., lasting two minutes, at a maximum width of 20 yards he was on the ground 4.1 miles.

Minor damage was surveyed in rural areas west and north of Morrisonville. Several grain bunkers were destroyed and hauled across the fields. Damage to 30 utility poles east of Morrisonville was determined to be the result of a strong straight wind. Sangamon County Tornado Classified as EF-2

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