Rockford’s Zion Development Celebrates 40th Anniversary

ROCKFORD, IL (WTVO) – A company that has been around for nearly 40 years was honored at the Rockford City Council on Monday night.

It’s officially “Zion Development Corporation Week” in Rockford.

“The Mayor of Rockford, December 9, 2022, hereby declares the week of December 9, 2022 to be Zion Development Corporation Week,” said Mayor Tom McNamara.

The nonprofit was honored for working with the city. This was in advance of Zion Development’s 40th anniversary. A group with one goal. help the community.

said Bob Campbell, executive director of the Zion Development Center.

Zion aims to solve the homeless problem. They already he has created over 160 affordable housing units.

“Like many others, I’ve learned that the best way to end homelessness is to provide people with homes,” Campbell said. “And while people pay rent and all units are subsidized, everyone has to pay part of the rent out of their own pocket and we are on site to provide support services. I will never re-experience homelessness because I am homeless.”

Zion also works outside the residence when the community requires it.

“Most of our focus is in the world of affordable housing, but we believe it is because of our willingness to expand our business beyond that and because we know we need to address the needs of our communities. is our top priority and we will be working with people — people who have the necessary expertise to meet the needs of the community,” Campbell said.

The Zion Lutheran Church ministry has invested over $40 million in the Rockford community during its 40 years of existence.

“Looking back on behalf of the City of Rockford, it was just a small group that wanted to come together and make a big impact,” McNamara said. You’ve used them, breathed new life into them, and helped the most needy in our community. Thank you and congrats on your 40th anniversary.”

Winnebago County President Joseph Chiarelli pays tribute to the Zion Development Corporation on December 9, the nonprofit’s 40th anniversary. Rockford’s Zion Development Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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