Rockford fifth graders and orchestra team up to make music

ROCKFORD, IL (WTVO) — Local 5th graders were introduced to the symphony on Wednesday.

Rockford Public Schools and the Rockford Symphony Orchestra teamed up for the day. I heard a lot of singing and music and it was so amazing. Children said they were excited to learn more about the instruments that make up their favorite songs.

Benjamin Castro, a fifth grader at Conklin Elementary School, said, “I was like, ‘I know that song, I’ve heard it.’ ” says.

Fifth graders from Rockford Public School spent a day at Forest City Church getting hands-on with musical instruments. It’s an annual tradition to choose what you want to do in 6th grade.

“I’m playing a drum set now,” Castro said. “I know a lot of rhythms. I play for my church.”

Bonnie Spurling, Art Director of Rockford Public Schools, said the city is a big supporter of the arts and believes it’s important to give children choices in music from an early age.

“You know, you learn teamwork, you learn leadership. These are all great qualities that music helps with,” Sperling said. “Your math skills and your reading and writing skills, these are all reasons why a child should be involved in this, but it’s about friendship, family and being part of a positive group.”

The Rockford Symphony Orchestra demonstrated the sound of each instrument. Organizers hope this will inspire interest in lifelong hobbies and careers.

“They have the opportunity to hear and see these instruments and to see them played by people who have been playing them for years, but they need practice to get better at this. We also talked about the fact that,” Sperling said.

Castro was excited to see the instrument in person, but hopes to pick up a saxophone next year.

“I had only seen it online or in class, but now I can actually see and hear the orchestra,” Castro said. “It’s a really fun experience.”

The presentation is now available at any school in Winnebago County, according to RPS. Rockford fifth graders and orchestra team up to make music

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