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Researchers at Stanford University suggest that “next morning” nasal spray could one day fight COVID. WGN Radio 720

Palo Alto, California (cron) – Nasal sprays may one day help prevent the transmission and spread of COVID-19, suggests research by researchers at both Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco.

Researchers say that in the future, nasal sprays alone may be able to stop respiratory viruses even after you think you have them.

Professor Peter Jackson is an immunologist and microbiologist at Stanford University who has been studying COVID entry and exit points since the pandemic began.

“Studying how the COVID-19 virus enters and spreads in the respiratory tract not only allows the virus to enter the body with adverse consequences, but can be used to target and block its transmission. We were able to find an important molecule, the same mortality that people see, but it also blocks the spread of the virus to other people,” he said.

Used after someone believes they’ve been in contact with an infected person, the spray prevents the virus from developing into a serious condition in the body and also helps slow its spread to others.

“If you’re in a crowded place and you know someone has a fever, you know someone saying, ‘I think I’m infected,’ someone has a high fever, “If you’re really scared of getting the virus, then it’s the right time to use it,” Jackson said.

According to Jackson’s research, it takes up to 48 hours for a virus like COVID to replicate and wreak havoc on the body, providing an opportunity to block that process.

The professor said such a spray – it stanford medicine Described as a possible “next morning” spray. This is not something you use every day, but when a person is more reliably exposed.

In a Stanford Medicine article, Jackson wrote, “Slowing the entry, exit, or spread of the virus with drugs applied topically for a short period of time will allow the immune system to catch up and stop full-blown infection.” and will help limit future pandemics.”

https://wgnradio.com/news/morning-after-nasal-spray-could-someday-fight-covid-stanford-researchers-suggests/ Researchers at Stanford University suggest that “next morning” nasal spray could one day fight COVID. WGN Radio 720

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