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Purdue professor works to help robots work better with humans

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN β€” A team of Purdue University students and professors are working to make robots smarter and more capable of helping in more situations, such as natural disasters.

Anikert Veraan associate professor, and the university’s IDEAS lab conduct research to make AI or artificial intelligence and robots smarter.

Vera said the team is focused on social robotics, trying to make robots more like humans to solve tasks.

“We found that most of these robots were pretty dumb. We told them what to do,” Bella said. “And it’s done right with a high level of precision, because that’s what we’re aiming for.”

But the goal is to make humans smarter and work with them to complete more complex tasks. This includes after natural disasters like the recent earthquake in Turkey.

“The biggest problem is that by the time first responders arrive at the location, it’s very difficult to see where the debris and people are stuck,” Vera said. Watch your heart rate sensor, watch it like a breathing monitor, check your temperature sensor, quickly give medicine or give quick treatment. can do. “

By working with other technologies such as drones and robots, they can climb terrain that is difficult for humans, like the robot dog Bella works with.

Other robots could be useful, especially in homes with older people, Vera said.

“They need help with household chores and good things, such as taking medication,” Bella said.

Researchers at the Purdue IDEAS Lab are working to make robots more intelligent, capable of understanding human behavior, emotions, and more.

Vera says that the more a robot can understand human context and content, the more situations it can help.

β€œIn the future, there may be robot-like scholars who teach people purchased on the mental health spectrum, such as the autism spectrum, how to identify emotions and how to respond appropriately to them.” Bella said.

Labs are deploying robots to help with a variety of tasks around the world, but have yet to deploy to assist in responding to or evacuating natural disasters.

https://wgntv.com/news/trending/purdue-university-professor-working-to-help-robots-better-work-with-humans/ Purdue professor works to help robots work better with humans

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