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Pressure on voters for Chicago mayoral candidate intensifies

CHICAGO — Chicago’s mayoral candidate has been busy following his campaign trail to win over voters and support ahead of the April 4th runoff.

According to recent polls, the race between Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson is still close.

Mr Johnson expressed his confidence as he traveled around the city on Friday at meetings with Jewish community leaders, veterans and seniors. Cook County Commissioners promised school safety, jobs and more funding.

“As mayor of Chicago, I’m going to double the number of young people we hire year-round, not just in the summer,” Johnson said. “This is to prevent violence.” He “funds schools, funds parks and recreation, secures well-paying jobs, and allows seniors to walk the block without fear.”

When Johnson hit shoulders with voters, opponent Vallas gained the support of another City Council member: 26th Ward Aldo Roberto Maldonado.

“I am very honored to be here with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in this important press conference in support of Chicago’s incoming mayor, Paul Ballas,” Maldonado said.

Joined by leaders of the Latino community, Valas promised to create jobs and address the gentrification taking place in the city’s Latino community.

“Roberto has done a great job for our city. I look forward to working with him to not only promote equity and affordable housing, but also fixed assets, especially to individuals and businesses that are fundamentally burdened. We look forward to finding ways to limit and limit taxes, the wrath of gentrification,” said Valas.

Brandon Johnson looks forward to next Thursday as Vallas is set to announce another major endorsement Friday night in River North. Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a rally in Chicago for Johnson It’s planned.

https://wgntv.com/news/politics/chicago-mayoral-candidates-push-for-voters-intensifies/ Pressure on voters for Chicago mayoral candidate intensifies

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