‘Prayers Are Not Enough.’ Elected Officials, Community Advocates Call To Action At Memorial For Victims Of Gun Violence In Hyde Park

Elected officials and community groups pledged to do more to address gun laws and support survivors at a rally in Hyde Park on Sunday to honor victims of gun violence. asked to do it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have an overwhelming majority of our House, Senate, and Democratic governors. He spoke to dozens gathered at the Na Lutheran Church.

Many have brought pictures of friends and loved ones who have been victims of gun violence.

The event marks the 10th anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut and is held across the country for the 10th Annual National Assembly for All Victims and Survivors of Gun Violence. It was one of a series of gatherings. killed.

Nancy Roteling, Mayor of Highland Park He himself experienced a mass shooting On July 4, those who survived the shooting said they knew the trauma didn’t end when the bullet didn’t fly. “It lives in our bodies and is a constant reminder without rest,” she said.

“We honor the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, colleagues, neighbors and friends left behind in the wake of the gun violence epidemic.

“We are not living free if we allow the firepower of our guns to dictate how we live and die,” said Rotheling. “Gun violence is a uniquely American problem and a stigma of our country. Is access to guns more important than living freely in the streets and schools of our communities?”

Senator Dick Durbin says national laws need to be changed to have local impact Last year’s shooting of CPD Officer Ella FrenchThe gun used to kill the Frenchman was purchased at a gun show in Indiana by a person with an intact record and sold to a person not legally authorized to carry the weapon. passed.

“That’s the reality. Of course we pray, but prayer is important. But prayer alone is not enough in this case,” Durbin said. “We need to change America’s laws. We have to do it now.”

Others said more needs to be done to support the families of victims and called for more funding for mental health services.

“We’re just not doing enough to stop the violence,” said Hyde Park Union Church Pastor Veronica Johnson. “We shouldn’t be here today. ”

A memorial service in Augustana was organized locally by Moms Demand Action, Chicago Survivors and other anti-violence organizations. ‘Prayers Are Not Enough.’ Elected Officials, Community Advocates Call To Action At Memorial For Victims Of Gun Violence In Hyde Park

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