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Police release video of police killing neo-Nazi gunman and ending shooting at Texas mall | Newswagon Radio 720

ALLEN, Texas (AP) – Police on Wednesday released a video of a police officer killing a neo-Nazi gunman, quickly ending a shooting at a Dallas-area shopping mall that killed eight and injured seven.

The edited five-and-a-half-minute video details the final moments of Mauricio Garcia, 33, after he rained bullets from his AR-15 rifle at the Allen Premium Outlets on May 6. there is

Among those killed were three Korean-American family members, including a three-year-old child, two younger sisters, a security guard, and an engineer from India.

Police have not revealed a motive for the attack.

The shooting occurred in a year of unprecedented mass murder.

Footage from a body camera worn by an Allen police officer begins with the officer telling two children outside a shopping mall to wear their seatbelts and be polite.

Moments later, rapid gunshots rang out from the shopping mall. Body camera footage showed the children and the woman fleeing as officers radioed in, snatched a rifle from the car and rushed toward the gunfire, according to a call.

Running panting, police yelled at people to move and get out. At one point, he yelled at the dispatcher, “I think there’s a shooter,” and yelled at him to drop his gun.

“I’m passing the injured (people),” he added.

Officers continued to run through the gallery outside the exit as gunfire rang out. About four minutes into the video, officers began firing at least six shots.

The next moment, the policeman yelled, “Drop the gun!” and he reports “I beat him!”

Another police officer later confirmed the shooter’s death.

The video ends with two police officers standing next to the body of the shooter, which is blurred.

The video was released a day after a grand jury acquitted the officers of misconduct and showed that “the use of force was justified under Texas law,” according to a police statement.

Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey praised the officer in a statement.

“This video shows how a routine interaction with the public can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation,” Harvey said. “The officer recognized the danger, ran to the gunshot and neutralized the threat. For his actions, the Allen community will forever be grateful.”

Three members of a Korean-American family were murdered. Kyu Sung Cho (37). Cindy Cho, 35 years old. and three-year-old son James Cho. A 6-year-old son was injured.

Aishwarya Tartikonda, 27, also died. Sisters Daniela Mendoza, 11, and Sofia Mendoza, 8. Guard Christian Lacourt, 20 years old. And Elio Kumana Rivas, 32 years old.

Authorities said Garcia used one of eight legally purchased guns he brought into the mall.

The perpetrator had no criminal record. Army officials told the Associated Press that Garcia was expelled for mental health reasons after failing to complete basic training about 15 years ago. The official spoke on condition of anonymity about the personnel matter.

Garcia left a lengthy online post outlining his views on white supremacy and misogyny. He described the massacre as a sport and posted a photo of his favorite passage from the “Hunger Games” book with a large Nazi tattoo and a green highlighter swastika.

He’s Latino, and he posted a cartoon image of a Latino kid at a fork in the road, one saying “Act as black” and another saying “Be a white supremacist.” It had a label on it that read, “Be.”

“I’m going to bet on white supremacists,” he wrote.

https://wgnradio.com/news/ap-police-release-body-camera-video-of-an-officer-killing-the-gunman-who-killed-8-at-a-texas-mall/ Police release video of police killing neo-Nazi gunman and ending shooting at Texas mall | Newswagon Radio 720

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