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Police officer rescues deer stuck in fence in Georgia woods

An officer was on his way home from work when he heard “an animal crying in distress,” a Georgia police department said.

Sgt. Brian Scurr stopped to see what was going on, and he found a small white-speckled deer with its head stuck in a wire fence, body camera footage from the Cobb County Police Department shows.

The Sept. 28 distress call was coming from nearby woods, the department said. The deer was squealing as it tried to free itself from the fence, so the officer brought out a red pair of bolt cutters and got to work.

“You gotta stop moving buddy. You gotta stop moving for a minute,” he’s heard saying in the video. “I can’t get to it if you don’t stop moving.”

He cut the fence enough for the deer to pull its head out, the video shows. The animal bolted immediately.

“Even though the deer didn’t pause to say thank you, we’re sure it’s appreciative,” the department said. “Thanks, Sgt. Scurr. Job well done.”

Cobb County is 20 miles northwest of Atlanta.

https://www.bnd.com/news/nation-world/national/article280122539.html Police officer rescues deer stuck in fence in Georgia woods

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