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Police: Missing Georgia Toddler Believed Dead, Mother Suspect

Savannah, GA (AP) — Police spent more than a week searching for the infant. report missing A police chief said Thursday that he had gathered enough evidence from his home to conclude that the boy was dead and had named his mother as a suspect in his death and disappearance.

Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley said at a press conference that authorities are still searching for the body of 20-month-old Quinton Simon. Hadley said no charges had been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

The infant’s mother called 911 on the morning of October 5 and reported her missing. Police and volunteers quickly fanned into a neighborhood just outside Savannah to search for the child, who was said to have last been seen wearing her T-shirt and black pants from Sesame Street. .

Police then obtained a warrant to search the child’s home with the help of an FBI agent. They drained the backyard pool and used search dogs to comb the woods near the house.

Hadley declined to specify why police believed the boy had died.

“All I can say is that the evidence I have so far based on multiple search warrants and interviews has led me to the conclusion that Quinton is dead,” the chief said.

He also did not say why police suspected the boy’s mother, but said she was the sole suspect at present. When asked about the charges, Hadley said, “I will only prosecute if I feel I have everything I need.”

It wasn’t immediately clear on Thursday whether there would be a lawyer available to speak on Simon’s behalf.

According to police reports and court documents, there has been turmoil in recent weeks between the child’s mother and his grandmother, Billie Joe Howell, who had legal custody of him and his older siblings.Quinton , his mother, and his mother’s boyfriend lived with Howell.

According to police reports, Simon got into an argument with his mother over laundry and called police on Sept. 7 after she said Howell pushed her against a wall. No injuries were found other than a reddened elbow.

The next day, Quinton’s grandmother filed papers in Chatham County Magistrate’s Court to evict Simon and her boyfriend from their home. WTOC-TV report.

“I just want them to move out as soon as possible.

A few weeks later, on September 28, a Superior Court judge ordered Leilani Simon to pay $150 a month in child support.

Quinton’s mother reported him missing a week later.

FBI agent Will Clark, who oversees the FBI’s office in Savannah, said agents were assisting local police with a search within hours of Quinton being reported missing. Clark said the FBI sent a team that specializes in child abductions to help.

Hadley said his officers and the FBI conducted a “thorough” search. He swore they wouldn’t stop.

“Sadly, we have not yet found Quinton,” Hadley said. “However, our search and investigation continues and will continue with all available resources.”

https://wgntv.com/news/police-missing-georgia-toddler-believed-dead-mom-a-suspect/ Police: Missing Georgia Toddler Believed Dead, Mother Suspect

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