Photos from tornado-ravaged Tennessee home travel over 100 miles

Memphis, Tennessee (WREG) — A family photo from a Tipton County, Tennessee home that was destroyed by a tornado last month was found in Paris, Tennessee, about 120 miles away.

A woman who found a photo of a man, a woman and two small children had no idea how far it had traveled and posted it on Facebook to find her family.

Amanda Morris is a toddler sitting on her mother’s lap (Courtesy Amber Morris)

Amanda Morris, the baby pictured, saw the photo on Facebook after her mother was tagged by a friend and sent a message to the woman who found it.

“It’s a little strange to see family photos from when they were young in a tornado,” Morris said. I was at home.”

Morris said the 1979 photo was taken at his aunt and uncle’s home near Covington when a tornado hit the area on March 31.

A tornado destroyed a home on Indian Creek Road. Morris said two of his aunt, uncle and cousin girlfriend were injured when they were kicked out of the house, and that cousin’s treasurer Cody and his Moses died.

Cody Moses (Courtesy Cody Moses’ family)

“My uncle said he heard it coming and went to get the mattress. Cody got up to help him and saw the front wall fall down and then just threw them “It threw Cody farther than the rest of the family.”

Morris said her aunt is still in the hospital and is receiving treatment for many of her injuries.

Indian Creek Road house destroyed by tornado (Photo by Shay Arthur, WREG)

“Broken pelvis, broken leg, five ribs, broken collarbone and concussion,” Morris said.

Morris said her father, also in family photos, died of COVID in 2021. She said her 17-year-old cousin asked for her father’s photo after his death. was hanging on the wall of his bedroom.

Morris still can’t believe where it landed.

“If you think about it, I had a picture of myself sent all the way from Covington to Paris when I was sitting at my mom’s house. It’s wild,” she said.

Morris said she could be discharged from the hospital in a few days. Photos from tornado-ravaged Tennessee home travel over 100 miles

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