Paramedics killed the man by tying him face down

Kathleen Hoody – Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — Two Illinois paramedics were charged with first-degree murder last month after being charged with tying a patient prone to a stretcher while transporting them to a hospital.

Illinois state officials indicted Peggy Finley and Peter Caddigan on January 9, about a month after the death of 35-year-old Earl Moore. Under Illinois law, a defendant can be charged with first-degree murder if the defendant “knows that such conduct would likely result in death or serious bodily harm.”

Sangamon County State Attorney Dan Wright announced the charges at a Jan. 10 press conference after the autopsy. An autopsy report listed Moore’s cause of death as homicide by asphyxiation due to compression and positioning while lying prone on a paramedics stretcher with straps strapped across his back.

If convicted, Finley and Caddigan could face 20 to 60 years in prison.

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They remained at the Sangamon County Jail on Tuesday and were each being held on $1 million bail.Messages left at the attorney’s office on Tuesday were not immediately returned. They are scheduled to appear in court next Thursday.

After announcing the charges, authorities released body camera footage of three Springfield police officers showing Moore’s encounters with officers and paramedics. Wright said he consulted with Moore’s family and his group in the community before the footage was released.

The Springfield Police Department first responded to Moore’s home around 2:00 am on December 18.

The video shows Moore lying on a bed, occasionally speaking incoherently and gasping for breath. Officers felt Moore was in “medical distress” and called paramedics, Wright said.

When Finley arrives, she walks into the bedroom with Moore still on the floor. Soon after, she yelled at him to get up and repeatedly asked for his date of birth.

“Sit down,” she said. “Look, I’m not playing. Get up. Stop acting stupid. Get up. Sit down now. I’m not going to play with you tonight.”

“We’re not carrying you, so you’ll have to walk,” she added, police telling Moore he would have to walk outside to get to the hospital.

Police then lift Moore between two officers and slowly move him towards the door. Outside the house, the police put him on a stretcher. His second paramedic, waiting outside the house, is shown forcing Moore into his abdomen, and two paramedics tie Moore securely to his stretcher in that position. increase.

According to a Springfield Police Department statement, the police department later learned Moore had died after arriving at the hospital, and Chief Ken Scarlett asked the Illinois State Police to conduct an independent investigation into Moore’s death.

“Police officers who are not emergency medical professionals are not trained or equipped to provide necessary medical care or transport patients in these types of situations,” Scarlett said in a statement. has turned over the patient’s care to an on-site licensed medical professional, in accordance with Springfield Police Department policy.”

Douglas Wolfberg, founding partner of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, a law firm that specializes in representing emergency medical services, said health care providers could face murder and murder charges in connection with patient care. He said that is extremely rare and prosecutors find it difficult to hold accountable. Criminal case beyond reasonable doubt. Wolfberg said he was very haunted by the video, and from the time Finley first interacted with Moore to the time paramedics pinned the patient in a prone position, he provided at least “totally inadequate care.” I believe I did.

“EMS is a profession of highly trained professionals who provide emergency care in the most difficult and stressful situations and do their best,” Wolfberg said. A very unfortunate and tragic example of a provider who has

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