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Oscar Mayer offers meat-eating runaway opportunities in Las Vegas | WGN Radio 720

Las Vegas (class) – hot dog! Oscar Mayer wants you to “enjoy” the opportunity to marry the company’s Wienermobile in Las Vegas.

Starting Monday, couples interested in elopement with a so-called “wiener of love” can sign up for this chance. The wedding will take place on her April 15th and her 16th next door to the historic Little White Her Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard.

According to the company, the unique elopement opportunity is not only for people looking for a unique way to tie the knot, but also to help couples who are worried about planning their wedding. cites a study that says 72% of couples are stressed about planning their big day. “Wiener of Love” aims to provide stress-free and fun choices, the company said.

“Nowadays, more people are looking for a stress-free ceremony with their partner, so Hot Dogger is thrilled to rekindle the joy of this special day and offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a wedding through glasses,” said Oscar Mayer and Ed Roland.

Whether the couple are in a long-term commitment or just met in Las Vegas (talk about meet-cute), they should have an actual marriage license. , a photographer is provided and guests are welcome.

If your wedding plans have a first name and it’s ELOPE, you can sign up Oscar Mayer website.

https://wgnradio.com/news/oscar-meyer-offers-meat-tacular-elopement-opportunity-in-las-vegas/ Oscar Mayer offers meat-eating runaway opportunities in Las Vegas | WGN Radio 720

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