One of the world’s leading causes of death, disability identified

For Tuesday, Sept. 19, WGN’s Dina Bair has new medical information, including:

WHO releases report on hypertension

The World Health Organization has identified high blood pressure as one of the world’s leading causes of death and disability. 

The conclusion comes from the agency’s first report on the global impact of high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. 

According to the report, it affects one in three adults worldwide. 

The study recommends strategies to combat the condition, including diet, medicine access, and exercise.  

The report says an increase in the number of people effectively treated for hypertension could prevent 76 million deaths between 2023 and 2050. 

Study: Kids with increased screen time seen lower developmental scores in toddlers

Screen time — it can have a significant impact on brain performance. 

Looking at nearly 60,000 children over several years, researchers from Japan found that increased television and video time in infants is associated with poor developmental performance at ages two and three. 

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports on the study and the need to support parents in creating family media plans with reduced screen time. 

Experts say it is critical to limit screen exposure in babies younger than one to preserve their cognitive abilities for years to come.  

The finding comes from prior research identifying many children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental and mental health problems, including language, learning, behavioral and emotional disorders. 

This study points to screen time as a culprit. 

7 habits may prevent depression

A study finds that cultivating certain habits can prevent depression. 

Published in the journal, Nature Mental Health, the study found seven essential habits that boost mental health: sleep, exercise, healthy food, limiting alcohol, not smoking, cutting back on screen time, and maintaining social connections. 

Researchers found people who followed those habits cut their risk of depression by 57%. 

The study states severe depression needs to be treated with medication and therapy as needed. One of the world’s leading causes of death, disability identified

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