Ohio coroner announces autopsy of Kiea Thomas

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Franklin County Coroner’s Office on Friday released details about the death of one of the two twins previously subject to Ohio’s Amber Alert.

on the night of Death of Kaia Thomas On January 29, the Columbus Police Department responded to a report of a non-breathing baby in a community home. Paramedics took him to the National Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The coroner’s office later said the cause of death was unknown, but Ky’air’s sleeping position may have been a contributing factor.

“The cause of death was determined to be unexplained sudden infant death accompanied by other significant conditions, including an unsafe sleeping environment. He was surrounded by soft pillows and blankets,” the coroner’s office wrote.

The coroner’s office said an examination of Ky’air found no evidence of trauma, cheating, abuse or neglect.

Ky’air and Kason Thomas. (Courtesy photo/Columbus Police Department)

Ky’air was abducted on December 19 With his twin brother Cayson in his mother’s car in front of Columbus’ pizzeria. He was found within hours and abandoned in the Dayton International Airport parking lot.Casson is Found in the same car a few days later at Indianapolis.

Abduction Suspect Age 24 Nala Jackson, was also arrested in Indianapolis. She has her March 15th scheduled pre-trial meeting and March 20th tentatively scheduled federal trial.

Jackson faces two federal kidnapping charges for crossing state lines between the kidnapping and the ensuing Amber Alert. If found guilty, Jackson would face at least his 20 years in prison.

Separately, in Franklin County District Court, Jackson also faces two more counts of kidnapping, in addition to several misdemeanors, including driving while stopped, reckless maneuvering, and failure to stop. An Indiana court has already convicted her of battery charges attributed to her spit on lieutenant While being processed in a regional prison.

Jackson was homeless before being accused of kidnapping and had a criminal record that included: Conviction before endangering a child Relating to her own children.

According to CelebrateOne, 150 infants die each year in Franklin County, with sleep-related deaths being the leading cause. Click here for resources on safe toddler sleep. Ohio coroner announces autopsy of Kiea Thomas

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