Ohio 8-year-old gives birth to little brother

Westlake, Ohio (WJWs) – Malone Matthews couldn’t wait for his first chance to spend time with his newborn brother.

“How much pressure can you put on an 8-year-old after having a baby?” joked his dad, Malachi Brown.

Malone’s mother, Paler Matthews, said she went to bed on Jan. 27 feeling uncomfortable, but thought it was just a false alarm.

“I thought it was just Braxton Hicks. [contractions]”I didn’t realize I was in labor, so I went to bed.”

The next morning it was clear that this was not a false alarm.

“When I wake up at five, that’s when they come back,” Matthews explained.

Eight-year-old Malone was the only person at home with her at the time. She told her son to call her 911.

“I called an ambulance and ran upstairs to get a towel,” Malone said.

But before the ambulance arrived, Malone knew he had to help his mother give birth to a new member of the family.

In fact, the little boy who loved playing soccer risked his life playing it.

“She was pushing, and I was like, catch… don’t catch the baby, but… yeah, catch the baby,” Malone explained.

EMS arrived shortly after birth and took the mother and baby to a hospital in Westlake, Ohio.

“Many kids would have panicked under the pressure,” Malone’s father said. , I am very proud of him.”

Malone’s father encouraged his son to consider becoming a doctor someday.

“I’m just happy that Malone got up and did the right thing. I know I could do it all over again if I wanted to, but I probably wouldn’t want to,” Brown said. “But I know he can.”

Malone says he’s proud of himself, too.

“I did, but the doctor didn’t, so it saved my mother money,” he said. Ohio 8-year-old gives birth to little brother

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