My grandfather won the MD lottery. he was “sit there in shock”


My grandfather in Maryland bought a $100,000 lottery ticket at a 7-Eleven in Glen Burnie after noticing that a vending machine in a nearby store was being repaired.

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A last-minute store change led a Maryland grandfather to win $100,000 in the lottery, officials said.


The man, a 66-year-old from Baltimore suburb Glen Burnie, recently ventured to a local store to buy scratch-off lottery tickets, according to a Feb. 23 news release from the Maryland lottery.


On arrival, he noticed the vending machine was being serviced, so — short on time — he ran over to a nearby 7-Eleven and purchased a winning ticket, officials said.


“I bought two $30 games and two $20 games and played them in the parking lot,” the man, who has not been named, told the Maryland Lottery. “When I saw the $100,000 win on the very first ticket I scratched, I just sat there in shock.”


After sending a photo of the winning ticket to his family to prove it was real, he headed back to work.


He plans on using his winnings to pay bills and will save the rest, officials said.

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