Mother’s Day weekend was 21 degrees cooler than a week ago. Saturday will be cloudy with only sporadic rain, and there will be many dry spells.Rain and cold ‘northeast’ winds pick up Saturday night through Sunday

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Argonne National Laboratory — Several enthusiastic scientists showcase their work on decarbonizing our country’s transport

These scientists are passionate about producing biofuels, batteries, future passengers, rail and air travel while reducing our carbon footprint. See what they’re working on. This includes not only the recycling of the batteries that power electric vehicles, but also the recycling of the vehicles themselves. And local United Airlines is also working on decarbonization.

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Land and ocean temperatures deviate from average

January to April 2023

Globally, January 1 to April 30 saw the fourth warmest day ever recorded in a calendar year, although some places (such as the Rocky Mountains) are getting a little cooler. . The data dates back to 1850. In the last three years he has had the hottest temperatures in 2016, 2017 and 2020.
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Source: NOAA-NCEI — National Center for Environmental Information

Environment Canada Smoke Forecast

Five days of surface temperature deviations from normal, showing the impact of the dome, which is expected to bring unseasonably warm temperatures to western and northern Canada (according to the National Weather Service’s GFS forecasting model).

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