Missing person in Chicago: Chicago police rush to Logan Square home to search for Brittany Battaglia, 33, missing since Friday

Chicago (WLS) — A dozen detectives and investigators descended on a two-story apartment building in Logan Square at dusk on Monday night.

Crime scene tapes reveal the home to be the center of an active investigation. Police were in and out of the building for several hours Monday night.

Brittany Battaglia’s family and roommates said her last place Friday night was at home. They said she was going there to see her boyfriend.

“She told me she was going to go over there and cook him something to eat and drink some water. I was going to go back,” said Quamicia Greathouse. She is Brittany’s roommate and best friend.

It was the last time Quamiesia heard from 33-year-old Brittany. Around the same time on Friday evening, Brittany’s brother, AJ Battaglia, noticed something was wrong.

“I noticed that her location was off and wasn’t shared like normal,” AJ said.

There were hours of unusual radio silence as the weekend wore on.

“Unlike Brittany, who has no communication skills, she lives on her cell phone,” AJ said.

Battaglia was scheduled to leave for a business trip early Monday morning.

“I’m still waiting for proof that at least she got home, started packing, started preparing for the trip and didn’t do anything,” she said.

By Sunday night, her roommate panicked and contacted Battaglia’s family. They drove all night from Northwest Illinois.

“If she didn’t think she was in danger, she wouldn’t have gone to the police in the middle of the night to write a police report,” AJ said. “She had something happen to her. That’s all I know.”

Brittany’s friends and family say the relative newcomer to her life has been acting erratic lately. Her brother reached out on Sunday night, she said, but she was unhelpful.

AJ said Brittany’s cell phone stopped ringing on Monday. Quamiesia said her roommate’s car, which was parked in front of her apartment a few blocks away, disappeared Saturday night.

The family said they are in close contact with detectives and hope to have positive news.

Battaglia lives on the 1900th block of Northkimball Avenue in the city’s Logan Square neighborhood, police said.

Battaglia is described as a 33-year-old Caucasian woman who is 5ft 2 tall, weighs 180lbs, has blue eyes and blond hair. Police say she may have been in a blue 2013 Mazda with Illinois license plate DS15953.

If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact Area Five Detectives at 312-746-6554. Missing person in Chicago: Chicago police rush to Logan Square home to search for Brittany Battaglia, 33, missing since Friday

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