Mayor Lori Lightfoot slams bike lane parking security

Following a social media uproar, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed security details for parking in a bike lane while picking up donuts.

The controversy began on Twitter after @bikelaneuprise posted a photo of a Lightfoot security guard parked on the street outside Roeser’s Bakery on North Avenue on Nov. 9.

“Parking in a bike lane to get donuts means valuing donuts over the life of a cyclist,” the account tweeted.

Block Club Chicago reported on the situation on Wednesday, followed by other media outlets. At the annual press conference after the city council, Lightfoot said she first learned about it through “media reports,” which she blamed on her security details.

“Obviously they shouldn’t have parked in the bike lane,” said Lightfoot. “Very simple, no bike lanes, no fire hydrants. They shouldn’t have done that.

This isn’t the first time Lightfoot’s police details have made headlines. In 2020, the Tribune announced that the City of Chicago had issued a large number of tickets issued to Lightfoot’s security detail by red light and speed cameras, including those recorded when the mayor was scheduled to attend a non-city event. I have reported that the part has been rejected.

Lightfoot responded differently than former mayor Rahm Emanuel, who faced similar questions about running red lights and speeding. In response to the news reports, Emmanuel publicly talked his details down and paid for the tickets privately. ABC-7 was previously reportedBut even after Emmanuel said “no one is above the law” and ordered the police to slow down, His details kept getting tickets.

Despite Lightfoot’s spending on improving cyclist safety, supporters have criticized her administration for not going further, particularly in installing concrete barrier separations in bike lanes. I’m here. Mayor Lori Lightfoot slams bike lane parking security

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