‘May 4th be with you’ gifts for Star Wars superfans

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Star Wars fans haven’t changed in nearly half a century

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Even George Lucas reportedly didn’t believe in the original Star Wars movies. When the first film was released, there were no sequels planned. It was a sci-fi movie with a limited fan base. Lucas predicted it would be popular for a couple of weekends, but Target died soon after his audience saw it.No one expected that nearly half a century later new movie and series are announced and released every year. And no one thought Star Wars would have its own day. Still, we celebrate May 4th again.

10 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Celebrating Star Wars Day is a bit like eating a chocolate cup with peanut butter. There is no wrong way. However, if you need brainstorming help, you can:

  • Turn on Disney+ and watch your favorite movies, series and episodes.
  • Throw a Star Wars themed party where your guests have to dress up.
  • Go to or host a Star Wars trivia event or party.
  • Write or explain some fan fiction.
  • Listen to your favorite Star Wars soundtracks.
  • treat yourself to some of them star wars toys And the collectibles you’ve been eyeing.
  • Search Google for ‘Star Wars events near me’ to plan or go on an adventure.
  • Take a break and read Star Wars books and comics.
  • complete the building lego star wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon Kit — Only 7,541 available.
  • Star Wars gift exchange.

The best Star Wars gifts for May 4th.

Star Wars Mandalorian Grog RC

Play games and interact with Grogu in ways you never imagined with this remote-controlled plush toy. Play hide-and-seek, chase your buddy, or practice strength together.

is sold by Amazon

Best Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet

Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet

This is the ultimate roleplay headgear for Stormtrooper fans. It features a push-button his activator that fits over his head and distorts his voice to make it sound like the real thing. The details on this helmet are of collector grade quality.

is sold by Amazon

Best Funko Pop! Star Wars- Star Wars - Training Yoda and Luke

Funko Pop Star Wars: Star Wars – Train Yoda and Luke

Funko Pop toys are stylized versions of your favorite characters. This offering is a 3.75″ tall vinyl He figure featuring Luke and Yoda training.

is sold by Amazon

Best Star Wars R2-D2 Popcorn Maker

Star Wars R2-D2 Popcorn Maker

Smart ideas make people happy. This innovative appliance looks just like he R2-D2, but is a popcorn popper. It uses hot air to work its magic, so your snacks are healthier. When serving, the droid’s head pops out into a convenient bowl.

is sold by Amazon

Best Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

“Star Wars Character Encyclopedia”

How much do you know about your favorite Star Wars characters? Never enough! This updated edition is the definitive guide to the Star Wars character universe. There are over 275 entries providing information such as Grogu’s height and where his Padme Amidala is from. Use this book as a guide to help him win first place in your next Star Wars trivia contest.

is sold by Amazon

best lego star wars ultimate millennium falcon

lego star wars ultimate millennium falcon

If you’re looking for the ultimate LEGO building challenge, look no further. This is it. This model has over 7,500 pieces, making it the largest Millennium Falcon kit ever. Take a few days off from work to build this impressive ship. It’s very detailed and comes with two minifigure crew members.

is sold by Amazon

best star wars slippers

star wars slippers

Even die-hard fans will take their breath away when they see these slippers. Choose from Chewbacca Brown, Darth Vader Black, Boba Fett Green, Yoda Green, Stormtrooper White, and more. The plush construction makes these slippers comfortable all day long.

is sold by Amazon

Other Star Wars-Themed Gifts Worth Checking Out

  • Now you can take care of and raise your own droid R2-D2 Tamagotchi.
  • Kids (and adults) will love this interactive feature L0-LA59 Toy With moving parts, lights and sounds.
  • with this star wars villain gamePlay as Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, and Moff Gideon to see what the Dark Side is like.
  • these light ups lightsaber chopsticks Makes everyday meals a little more fun.
  • You don’t have to wait for Halloween to dress up with this adult ray cosplay costume.

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