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Marion Woman Dies in 3-Car Crash on Southern Illinois Highway

31-year-old female from Marion Died in 3 car crashes On a highway in southern Illinois on Friday, officials said.

Illinois State Police had not released the woman’s name as of Saturday afternoon because the family had not been notified.

At about 3:43 p.m. Friday, a woman was driving south on 37, Illinois in Williamson County when a 2022 Dodge sedan crossed the center line and slammed into a 2000 Isuzu in the northbound lane. I was hit by a truck and veered off the road on the right.

A Dodge truck, also traveling south, collided with an Isuzu truck. illinois police‘s survey.

The 16-year-old driver and 15-year-old passenger of the Dodge truck and the 62-year-old driver of the Isuzu truck were taken to local hospitals, but their injuries were non-life-threatening, officials said.

As of Saturday, it’s not clear why the Dodge sedan crossed the center line.Illinois Police Traffic Accident Reconstruction Squad Continues Investigate Fatal Crashes.

https://www.bnd.com/news/local/article267726822.html Marion Woman Dies in 3-Car Crash on Southern Illinois Highway

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