Man who shot dead Kansas City boy Ralph Yar surrenders

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Kansas City, Missouri (WDAF) — An 84-year-old man surrendered to law enforcement after the incident. kansas city teenage shooting A person who arrives at the wrong address to pick up his brother.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Nexstar’s WDAF that Andrew Lester turned himself in at the Clay County Jail Tuesday afternoon.

Lester has been charged with first-degree assault and an armed crime. The shooting of 16-year-old Ralph Yarl.

According to the Kansas City Police Department, on April 13, Yarl intended to pick up his brother at his home on 115th Terrace, NE, but accidentally went to his home on 115th Street, NE. When he got home and rang the doorbell, Lester is said to have shot Jarl.

Jarl’s family said the boy was shot twice, once above his left eye and once above his right arm.Jarl’s mother Cleo Nagbe said one of the bullets Stay in Ralph’s Temple for 12 hours before being deleted.

According to court documents, Jarl said Lester told him after the shooting, “Don’t come here.” On the night of the shooting, Lester was taken into police custody for questioning and then released. Man who shot dead Kansas City boy Ralph Yar surrenders

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