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Man stabbed pitbull to death after dog walkers argued in Central Park

New York City — A Man killed a pitbull After getting into an altercation with a dog owner in New York City’s Central Park, officials said.

Police said the seriously injured dog was taken to a local veterinary clinic where he was euthanized after being stabbed Saturday night.

according to new york daily newsAn altercation erupted between the man and the woman when the perpetrator’s loose dog began biting the woman’s pit bull. As she tried to pull the dogs away, the man pulled out a switchblade and stabbed the pitbull mix.

Rodney Mendoza said, “German Shepherd pit bulls and mixed dogs get along very well with our dogs,” said Rodney Mendoza, who had two dogs who were very friendly to the stung dog. It is said that it was “They play together and run together every day.”

“I almost cried when I heard about it this morning,” dog owner Madison Ritter said. “Just thinking about how much I love my dog, I don’t even know what I would do if someone did the same to that dog. I feel so scared of them.”

No arrests have been made as of Sunday. An investigation was in progress.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

https://www.mystateline.com/news/man-stabs-pit-bull-to-death-in-central-park-after-argument-between-dog-walkers/ Man stabbed pitbull to death after dog walkers argued in Central Park

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