Man holds suspect at gunpoint and rescues screaming child

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. (WTVO) — A man held a suspect at gunpoint on Sunday so he could save a child from an aggravated assault.

Kelsey Willis said WGXAMore Around 2pm, he pulled over for an oil change at Walmart when he heard a child screaming.

“I heard a little child screaming, so I turned around the corner and saw him being taken away. [of] A car,” said Willis. “Then the man took him to the back of the building. We thought he was using the restroom, but it took him too long to get back from the back of the building to the nearby woods.

Willis said the boy kept screaming and felt he had to do something.

“The screaming kept getting louder and louder and it didn’t suit us. My first instinct was to pick up a gun and get that kid out of the woods,” he said. .

The suspect, Haimnarin Doubey, 67, drove the boy to a Walmart at 2720 Watson Boulevard, according to the Warner Robins Police Department. he “force delete” The boy got out of the car and took him into the forest, where he began to choke.

Willis entered a wooded area, held Doubey at gunpoint and pulled out his gun, according to police.

“He was on top of him and choking him when I turned the corner. At that point, I held him at gunpoint and grabbed the child,” Willis said. Told.

Police said the incident was initially reported as a kidnapping, but it was later revealed that Doubey and the child were related.

“If I hadn’t intervened and reacted as quickly as I did, the child probably would have died,” Willis said. cod [of] In the woods, he said a man had beaten him and was trying to leave him for the animals.

Doubey was charged with aggravated assault and cruelty to a child. Police said the boy was taken to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office “for observation and treatment.” Man holds suspect at gunpoint and rescues screaming child

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